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Social Resource Program

Nourishing the Mind, Body, and Spirit
Social Resource Program

Several students attending college face barriers to having their basic needs met which has an impact on their academic success and persistence, consequently risking retention and completion at college. Many students lack awareness of services in the community and the skills to navigate social systems to access offered resources, services, and programs as means of basic needs support.

The Social Resource Program (SRP) provides students with holistic case management and coaching facilitated by Social Resource Coaches (SRCs). SRCs work one on one with students to guide and teach them how to find, apply, and utilize services in the community. SRCs foster student access to supports for needs in the following areas: food, housing, health coverage, medical and dental, mental health, childcare, social, educational, transportation, legal, financial and other identified needs. SRCs also create a support network of community-based providers to ease student access and support student advocacy and self-efficacy.

Students can seek emergency support by completing requests from MC offices below:

Find additional social services available in the community.