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Montgomery College Receives $500,000 Donation to Help Students Enroll in Workforce Programs and Gain Employment

The Robert I. Schattner Foundation’s gift will give qualifying Workforce Development and Continuing Education students a scholarship up to $4,000

A new WDCE scholarship for financially-eligible job seekers, ready to get to work by June 30, 2024, is currently accepting applicants. The Montgomery College Foundation announced the establishment of the Robert I. Schattner Job Training and Certification Scholarship, a one-year opportunity for job training and certification. Scholarships are available for applicants pursuing eligible career path courses with the intention to obtain employment.

The Robert I. Schattner Job Training and Certification Scholarship will receive applications now through Wednesday, August 4, 2023. Information about the scholarship, eligibility requirements, a list of qualified courses, the application and more are now on the WDCE Career Path Scholarship webpage.

The Robert I. Schattner Foundation has made a $500,000 gift to establish the scholarship and provide additional supports that help students prepare for employment with family sustaining wages. Full scholarships, career navigation, certification exam fees, and required books are built into the program. This grant should serve 50-60 people who establish eligibility.

Eligibility (Award Requirements) for the Robert I. Schattner Job Training and Certification Scholarship

Recipients will receive an award of up to $4,000 to be used to cover training tuition, fees, and required books. Awards are non-renewable. Special requests for additional funding for items such as the exam fees, technology, or other essential needs are available as funds exist. All funding is limited.

Students must select one career path from a list of approved, qualifying, job-oriented programs and are eligible to be funded for only one certification course or sequence. See the list of qualified course(s) or course sequences (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) (PDF, ).

Funds also support a program coordinator and a workforce scholarship specialist who will provide specialized services to students, collect data, and report outcomes. It will also pay for nursing equipment for skills labs at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, and new East County Education Center, among other MC locations.

For more information and to apply, visit the WDCE Career Path Scholarship webpage.