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Welcome to the ELITE website! ELITE team is committed to providing excellence and leadership to the diverse MC community in the areas of instructional professional development, learning technology support and college-wide academic initiatives. We hold ourselves accountable to seek and provide practical, innovative solutions to enhance the learning experience of faculty, staff and students.

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Professional Development
Learn about our workshops, classes, and programs. ELITE offers several learning pathway certificate programs every year.
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Take a look at our calendar to see what workshops and classes ELITE is offering for all employees this FY19.
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Online Teaching Trainings
Looking to teach online? Find out how to get started with Blackboard, the Learning Management System that the College uses for online classes.

Featured Upcoming Workshops and Classes
Copyright and Creative Commons Course

October 24th at TPSS and October 25th at RV

October 24th at TPSS and October 25th at RV

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Faculty, staff, or administrators who would like to know more about copyright and how Creative Commons licenses relate to copyright are invited to a class offered by ELITE and the Library.  The course is being offered two times next week.

  • Wednesday, October 24, 1:30-3:30 pm, Takoma Park/Silver Spring RC 211
  • Thursday, October 25, 10:00 am-Noon, Rockville MT 205

Attendees will learn how to update their courses with new content and activities, including locating materials that are copyrighted. Attendees who are interested in locating appropriate open educational resources (OER) and objects that have a license associated with them will learn how to tell what rights they have when using those materials. In this workshop the complex concept of copyright is defined and described. Creative Commons, a licensing agent that works with copyright, yet is different from it, is also explained. The presenters won’t have all the answers but will have, or will point you to, resources that will help, including links to the College’s Copyright and Creative Commons libguides on the Library web site, and the College’s policy on copyright.

At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe copyright
  • Describe the origins and requirements of copyright
  • Describe Fair Use and it relationship to copyright
  • Describe Creative Commons
  • Differentiate between copyright and Creative Commons
  • Identify and describe the various Creative Commons licenses
  • Describe the properties of a proper attribution to Creative Commons material

To register for the class, log into MyMC, go to MCLearns, select Schedule of Classes and Events, and select Pedagogy and Instruction.

Please direct any questions about the course to Buddy Muse or Alex Moyer.

ELITE - Latest News

tudent Affairs and ELITE are partners in a new MC initiative called MC First. We are looking for staff, faculty and administrators who would like to be mentors for first generation college students. We are particularly interested in MC employees who self-identify as first in their families to seek higher education. However, all employees are welcome to participate.

The purpose of MC First is to introduce first-generation students at MC to others who have “been there” in terms of navigating college for the first time. Another purpose is to help students navigate the oftentimes overwhelming experience of going to college for the first time. Visit the MC First Mentoring Program website for more information.

Beginning with this edition you will see a focus on staff professional development as well as faculty professional development. Effective July 1, the Center for Professional and Organizational Development was merged in with ELITE. Faculty and Staff will continue to see the same exciting and effective professional development offerings they have always seen, and more; the merger means a comprehensive approach to professional development designed to meet the needs of ALL employees.

Over this past summer ELITE also moved its distance learning students website to the content management system the College is now using. The migration to the new CMS also resulted in some of the webpages in the old website being removed, including the Course Information Pages. Faculty who have linked to any of the old DL webpages on their syllabus should check the new website for updated links (http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/distance ). Enjoy the newsletter (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  and have a great Fall semester!

The driving vision of the Employee Professional Development Master Plan is to foster participation and remove obstacles so as to provide a rich eco-system of life-long learning opportunities. These opportunities are intended to build skills, inspire and support employees and work teams to reach their fullest potential.

Employee engagement contributes to innovation and organizational effectiveness, which furthers the mission of student success. View the Employee Professional Development Master Plan 2018 – 2020 (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  for information.

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