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MC’s Transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra

Blackboard Learn Ultra Transition

The Office of E-Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence (ELITE) is pleased to announce that Montgomery College is embarking on an exciting journey this Spring: the transition from Blackboard Learn Original to Blackboard Learn Ultra. This upgrade to our Learning Management System (LMS) will unfold over the next 18 months and will be executed in three strategic phases. Learn more about Blackboard Learn Ultra and the plan for the transition on our websitenew window.

Why Blackboard Learn Ultra?
This transition is about enhancing our educational environment in addition to upgrading our technology. Blackboard Learn Ultra offers:

  1. A Simplified, Modern Interface: Faculty will benefit from a reduced administrative load, allowing more focus on teaching and student interaction.
  2. Enhanced Student Accessibility and Engagement: Students can access materials, participate in discussions, and submit assignments anytime, anywhere. The design is mobile friendly, ensuring all students have equal access.
  3. Improved Analytics and Reporting: With advanced tools, faculty can gain insights into student engagement and performance, aiding in more effective teaching strategies.
  4. Continuity: Blackboard Learn Original and Blackboard Learn Ultra both fall under the same LMS, which means transitioning to Blackboard Learn Ultra will ensure an uninterrupted teaching and learning experience for faculty, students, and staff at Montgomery College.

What Does This Mean for You?

While the full transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra is scheduled for completion by August 2025, we encourage early exploration and familiarization with the new system. In support of this transition, ELITE will begin to offer the following in Summer 2024:

  • Information Sessions: Learn about navigating Blackboard Learn Ultra and the transition plan.
  • Training Workshops: Participate in hands-on sessions focused on Blackboard Learn Ultra.
  • Virtual Office Hours: Get real-time support and answers to your questions.
  • Consultation Services: Request individual or group consultations for instructional design and assistance.

Members of ELITE will oversee this transition and provide curated training and resources to support the MC community every step of the way. This team will ensure that communications are timely and that all faculty members have the resources they need for a seamless transition. We understand that change can be challenging, and ELITE is committed to making this transition as smooth and supportive as possible. The alignment of our LMS with modern standards is a crucial step in enhancing the educational experience at MC for our faculty, students, and staff.

If you have any questions or need further information about our transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra, please contact the transition team at For all other Blackboard-related questions and support, please email

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to this important initiative. Together, we will continue to improve and innovate in our academic endeavors.