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Academy for Teaching Transformation

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Welcome to the Academy for Teaching Transformation at MC

A comprehensive professional development program dedicated to enhancing the teaching skills of our faculty in their first three years of employment. The Academy aims to equip instructors with practical strategies to foster an inclusive, innovative learning environment, focusing on academic excellence, faculty well-being, and student success. Our seasoned educators provide mentorship, share valuable insights, and facilitate engaging peer discussions.

Introducing My PLAN: An Innovative Approach to Faculty Development and Support

The Academy for Teaching Transformation now includes "My PLAN" (My Professional Learning Accountability Network) to better support new faculty at MC. This innovative, three-year professional development roadmap provides a clear, comprehensive path toward teaching success.

Key Features of My PLAN:

  • Cohort-Based Community: Connect with a supportive cohort of fellow faculty members who will embark on this journey alongside you.
  • Dedicated Mentorship: Each participant is paired with a dedicated Instructional Designer Mentor who provides personalized guidance and serves as a consistent point of contact as you navigate your first three years at MC.
  • Six-Semester Structure: My PLAN unfolds over six semesters, covering essential themes such as active learning, curriculum design, teaching diverse learners, and future trends in higher education.
  • Microcredential: Earn the "TEACHING ESSENTIALS: INNOVATION AND TRANSFORMATION" badge, recognizing your expertise in innovative, inclusive teaching practices.
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Six-Semester Learning Sequence:

  • Semester 1: Digital Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning
    • Blackboard Foundations
    • Communication with Students using Blackboard
    • Assessment of Student Performance using Blackboard
    • Development and usage of Multimedia for Blackboard
  • Semester 2: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    • Introduction to Pedagogy in Higher Education
    • Active Learning Strategies
    • Assessment and Feedback
  • Semester 3: Curriculum Design and Integration
    • Course Design Principles
    • Experiential Learning and High-Impact Practices (HIPs)
    • Interdisciplinary Teaching
  • Semester 4: Engaging Diverse Learners
    • Understanding Student Diversity
    • Inclusive Teaching Strategies
    • Supporting At-Risk and Nontraditional Students
  • Semester 5: Advanced Pedagogical Techniques or Scholarship of Teaching Excellence
    • Problem-Based and Project-Based Learning
    • Flipped Classroom Model
    • Peer Teaching and Collaborative Learning
  • Semester 6: Looking to the Future of Higher Ed
    • Trends in Higher Education
    • Innovation in Teaching
    • Sustainability in Curriculum and Practice

Join Us for a Transformative Experience

The redesigned Academy for Teaching Transformation, with My PLAN as a central feature, provides a supportive, innovative, and well-rounded experience for new faculty at MC. Get ready to enhance your teaching, expand your network, and transform the learning experience for your students.

Contact Us

Reach out today to learn more about how the Academy for Teaching Transformation and My PLAN can empower your teaching journey!

Frequently Asked Questions 

The Academy is tailored for new full-time faculty; however, we extend invitations to all MC faculty and instructional staff to participate if space is available (note: sessions are capped at 24 participants.)

The Academy aims to empower MC faculty by providing them with a thorough and holistic grasp of teaching and learning in higher education. Given the dynamic nature of education, it's crucial for faculty to possess effective teaching strategies, pedagogical insights, and a deep understanding of student needs.

Participants are highly encouraged to attend the six-semester learning journey. 

The Academy explores essential topics for educator success, including teaching principles, creative curriculum design, engaging diverse learners, advanced teaching methods, and future trends in higher education.

Completing the Academy program, now enhanced with "My PLAN" (My Professional Learning Accountability Network), offers numerous advantages. Beyond a clear, comprehensive path toward teaching success, you'll benefit from ongoing learning opportunities throughout the academic year, interactive collaboration with peers from diverse disciplines, exposure to cutting-edge trends in higher education, updates in teaching methodologies, and practical strategies tailored for immediate implementation in your classes.

The Academy was designed in support several goals of the Montgomery College Strategic Plan:

MC Goal 2: Leverage innovative teaching and delivery models to ensure equitable access and success for all students and employees.

MC Goal 2: Develop and promote activities for students and employees that foster a sense of belonging for everyone.

MC Goal 2: Expand the opportunities for just-in-time and workforce-essential learning such as micro-credentials and badging of students and employees.

MC Goal 3: Expand and innovate high impact teaching practices.


Last updated: 5/10/2024