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Open Education Week

open education week

The goal of Open Education Week is to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities that exist for everyone, everywhere, right now. Montgomery College wants to highlight how open education can help people meet their goals in education, whether that’s to develop skills and knowledge for work, supporting formal studies, learning something new for personal interest, or looking for additional teaching resources. 

The MC Open initiativenew window focuses on faculty redesigning courses using Open Educational Resources (OER) to leverage pedagogy that fosters student success while reducing costs and increasing access to course materials. Montgomery College is committed to providing OER course options leading to degree completion (commonly called Z-degrees).

Open Education Week Activities

Open Education Week is from March 6-10, 2023.  ELITE will have activities for the entire week.  Please stop by our Information Tables for goodies from 11:30 am-1:30 pm. 

  • Tuesday, March 7, Germantown Campus - Dr. DeRionne Pollard Student Affairs and Science Building (SA) Atrium
  • Wednesday, March 8, Rockville Campus - Long Nguyen and Kimmy Duong Student Services Center (SV) Atrium
  • Thursday, March 9, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus - Dr. Charlene Nunley Student Services Center (ST) Atrium
Professional Development Schedule

Starting Monday, March 6, the College will offer several professional development opportunities for faculty and staff as we celebrate Open Education Week.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Open Pedagogy Fellowship Information Session
2:00-3:00 PM
Presenters: Shinta Hernandez, Michael Mills, and Christine Crefton

This UNSDG Open Pedagogy Fellowship is designed to assist faculty with creating renewable assignments (all of which will carry a Creative Commons license) to help students become agents of change in their own communities.  Each fellowship team will design three renewable assignments in the summer.  A minimum of two renewable assignments will be deployed in the classes of each fellowship team during the fall semester.  

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Engaging Students using Pressbooks and H5P at Montgomery College
12:00-1:00 PM
Presenters: Megan Calvert, Tom Cantu, Christine Crefton, Michele Knight, and Laurent Ndeze

This session will provide an overview of Pressbooks and how staff and faculty at Montgomery College can take advantage of this college-supported resource. Pressbooks is an open-source content management system designed for creating and self-publishing books. The software supports people and institutions in building and sharing ideas. The built-in interactive H5P and Hypothesis plug-ins make it a great choice for creating Open Educational Resources. The second half of this session will provide an overview for faculty on how to locate, create, and use H5P interactive activities in their instruction.

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Speed Sessions on Creative Commons, Citizen Science, and H5P: Reusable Learning Objects
3:00-4:00 PM
Presenters: Christine Crefton, Alejandra Picard, and Nghi Nguyen

Participants will receive targeted professional development on a given topic in a short and concise format. 

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Co-create with Me! Inviting Students to Collaborate and Innovate
1:00-2:00 PM
Presenter: Angela Lanier

Whether hard copy or digital, the textbook has long been a primary resource for teaching and learning in higher education. Recent movements toward Open Pedagogy and Decolonizing the Curriculum challenge educators to think differently about the role of the textbook and identify alternatives that value students’ voices, experiences, and contributions to the curriculum and assessment. This workshop will define what it means to have students co-create, give examples of what that looks like in practice, and highlight the benefit for both students and others.

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eFaculty Fellowship for Dual Enrollment Information Session
12:00-1:00 PM
Presenters: Shinta Hernandez, Akima Rogers, and Vedham Karpakakunjaram

The eFaculty Fellowship for Dual Enrollment continues the College’s commitment to investing in its employees, as well as its commitment to enhancing teaching and learning experiences.  The summer program focuses on relevant topics, best practices, and engaging activities that will bring innovation and inclusion to the virtual classroom and the overall student experience. 

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Open Education Week - Faculty Testimonials

MC faculty share their personal experience on using OER in their classes.

The 5 Rs of OER

Faculty talk about the 5 Rs (Reuse, Retain, Revise, Remix, and Redistribute) of OER.