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Professional Week

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May 2022 Professional Week Sneak Peek

Spring Professional Week offers faculty and staff a variety of professional development opportunities provided by the College and ELITE and a chance to celebrate our graduates. Professional Week begins on Monday, May 16, and kicks off with a day of ELITE professional development opportunities. All ELITE-sponsored events are scheduled on Monday, May 16, and held via Zoom.

NEW FOR SPRING 2022 - ELITE is excited to introduce Digital Stickers. Digital Stickers are distributed at the end of each session and can be submitted for a certificate of participation and a chance to win MC merchandise!

Additional information about ELITE’s professional development day can be found below. For easy registration, click on the registration link, and you will be taken directly to the MC Learns through Workday page to enroll in your chosen learning opportunity.  

Workshops, Monday, May 16, 2022
10:00-11:00 am

Why Quality Matters Matters
Facilitators: Dr. Shinta Hernandez, Tom Cantu, and Marcy Jackson

In this interactive presentation, participants will discover why quality in online course design matters. With the launching of the Montgomery College virtual campus, we seek to maintain and advance our high quality academic rigor in the virtual learning environment. In ensuring that we systematically deliver high quality courses, developing Common Courses that are Quality Matters recognized is of utmost importance. In this session, you will hear the framework for quality assurance, learn about relevant professional development opportunities, and understand the next steps toward the development and delivery of high-quality online Common Courses.

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Tips and Tricks to Support 7-week Courses
Facilitator: Gloria Barron

As we continue to transform into a post-pandemic institution, we are providing our students with scheduling options to become more successful while managing their personal situations that may have been altered because of the global pandemic. In this session, you will hear various ways in which faculty create a strong online presence in their accelerated courses to increase the motivation and engagement of their students. Practical tips and tricks to support 7-week courses will be provided to support faculty and student success.

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Self-Success: The Four Tendencies Framework 
Facilitator: Christine Crefton 

Based on Gretchen Rubin's book The Four Tendencies we will learn which of the four tendencies we identify as: a Rebel, an Upholder, a Questioner, or an Obliger. Our tendencies shape our behavior so understanding this framework allows us to engage with one another more effectively. During this session we will answer the question, "How do I respond to expectations?" 

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Establishing and Maintaining Instructor Presence
Facilitator: Michele Knight 

Instructor presence means "being there" in your class and allowing your students to see you behind the screen as a real person so that they feel comfortable reaching out to you when they have questions or need help with the course. This session provides practical tips, software, tools, and techniques to enhance your presence in your online course. Topics explored throughout this session will help support course orientation, interactives, online discussions, timely feedback, and sync sessions.

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MC Votes Student Ambassadors, Upcoming Elections & Your Class

Following this session, participants will have access to resources including:

  • Election dates, early voting locations
  • Early voting locations
  • How to register to vote, check voter registration, and vote
  • How to request an MC Votes Student Ambassador speaker
  • Non-partisan info to share with students on elections & candidates
  • Participants will have discussed at least 3 ways voter education can be integrated into a class.
  • Participants will have viewed and ideally completed a voter pledge that can be used with students.

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Speed Session
11:15-11:45 am

Participants will receive targeted professional development on a given topic in a short and concise format. Participants will log in to the speed session and choose one of the following areas:

  • Getting Started with Pressbooks (Christine Crefton)
  • Brain Breaks (Cynthia Mauris)
  • Using Storyboarding to Outline Your Course (Dr. Laurent Ndeze)
  • Burnout Book Circle Kick-Off (Richard Forrest)
  • Hypothesis (Gloria Barron)

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12:00-1:00 pm

Understanding Empathy and its Correlation to Student Success
Facilitator: Philip Bonner

Empathy is a crucial motivational concept that should be considered in the student-centered educational system that has emerged during the pandemic. Empathetic behaviors exhibited by instructors can have a major impact on student success. This session explores how a little empathy can go a long way in developing relationships that lead to student success.

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 Is It Accessible? Using Blackboard Ally as a Part of Your Course Design Strategy
Facilitator: Stacy Ford

Blackboard Ally is a tool with two facets that checks for accessibility as well as enables students to use alternative formats of blackboard content. Using accessibility checkers is only the first step of breaking down accessibility barriers and building more inclusive experiences and materials for all learners. This week, we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Fix Your Content Day on Thursday, May 20, 2022. Take the next step on your journey on creating inclusive content or prepare yourself to take part in the Blackboard Fix your content day. Come and rack up points for MC on the Blackboard Ally leaderboard with your fellow faculty.

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Changing the Game of Assessment Design: Branching, Escape Rooms, and Leveling Up
Facilitator: Angela Lanier

Gamification is the process of using game-like elements to promote engagement in a non-game activity. For this session, participants will learn about three gamification techniques (branching, leveling up, and escape room) and how each can be used to transform an assessment.

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Trauma-Informed Principles to Support College Students
Facilitator: Dr. Paul Miller

During this workshop, participants will explore Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning Principles and how we can infuse Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning in College Classrooms. 

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If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Paul Miller, Professional Development Director, ELITE.