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MC Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships Application Form

Read Application Checklist below to ensure that each step of the application is correctly completed. Applications due no later than 5 pm on October 12, 2020.

Communicate with your department chair as soon as possible informing him or her that you are interested in applying for a fellowship. With your chair you will determine whether there are any obstacles or objections to your receiving 3 alternate-ESH in the spring and then again in the fall semester.  Remember: Your work schedule must be structured so that you can arrive on time for all meetings.

Do plan ahead! Obtaining signatures of your chair and dean will take time.  Help us to be sure we get your application on time.  As soon as you have sent your proposal on to your chair, please take a moment to e-mail to PPHI Director, Sara Ducey at to alert her to watch for the arrival of your application.

The proposal describes your interest in applying for the Fellowship and lays out your vision to implement the theme in one of your courses. (Keep in mind we expect that your ideas will develop and may change as a result of the seminar experience.) The proposal should run about 500-600 words; do not exceed the 600 words. You are to use Times New Roman, 12 point. Be sure to read over the section (below), “Evaluation Criteria for Faculty Fellowship Applications.”

Prepare a Cover Page for Your Application. This page will include:
• your name and job title, including your department and campus and a separate line for your signature and date;
• the title of your Fellowship proposal and word count;
• the name of your Department Chair and a separate line for his or her signature and date;
• the name of your Dean and a separate line for his or her signature and date.

Following the proposal, on separate paper, please make a list of your activities at Montgomery College. This list will include, for example: typical courses taught; recent professional development activities, including CTL/ CPOD courses; volunteer work with students; positions you hold in your department, discipline or college; leadership positions in professional organizations and any other additional items you would like to share. (This list will not be part of the word count for your proposal.)

Submit this application package above (documents to include: 1. cover sheet with your signature, and those of your Dean and Chair, 2. Proposal and 3. Activities listing), and if you are Part-time faculty, 4, Recommendation from your Chair . Be sure your allow yourselves ample time to gather needed signatures. The completed package (application and all three signatures) must be submitted by Monday,  October 12, 2020 (5 p.m. E.S.T.). This is firm.

  • Submit cover page, proposal and activities statement to Chair for approval
  • Follow-up to see that Chair submits to Dean
  • Collect signature and brief email statement from Chair and Dean stating their approval
  • Get letter of recommendation from Chair (PT faculty only) 
  • Cover sheet with all signatures
  • Brief email statement of support from Chair and Dean
  • Proposal
  • Activities list
  • Chair recommendation if PT faculty