BIOTrain™ Workshops: Building Essential Skills Series

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BIOTrain™ Workshops: Building Essential Skills
Advance your life science career with BIOTrain’s Building Essential Skills Series. These short (2.5 hour) workshops are designed to provide foundational skills to incumbent workers in biotechnology. They are prepared with biotechnology guidance and are taught by industry experts. Best of all, BIOTrain workshops are offered at no charge to registrants who work in the biotechnology field.

 Schedule of Workshops:

You must preregister for these workshops. Once we receive your preregistration information we will send you information on upcoming workshops. 


Workshop Titles and Descriptions

Claiming Your Strengths starts with the identification of your key strengths- what you love to do, and your weaknesses- what you hate to do.  Strategies are then presented by which you can enhance your career by working your strengths to advantage while minimizing the impact of your weaknesses.
Many conversations have significant outcomes: interviews, reviews, negotiations. Because the stakes are so high, we fear the outcome, tend to put off the conversation and are not adequately prepared for it. This workshop defines methods for turning potentially confrontational events into constructive dialogues that accomplish the business goals.
When viewed as problem solving, negotiation moves from being a win-lose game to one of mutual benefit. This lecture will help you negotiate ways to achieve more of what you want in preparing for negotiation. Neale shares inspiring new ways — small and large — of practicing negotiating in everyday interactions and improve your chances of getting more of what you want
Speaking anxiety holds many people back from applying for jobs or promotions, speaking up in classes or conferences, sharing expertise in meetings, and much more. Learning how to tame adrenaline will allow you to take full advantage of opportunities to advance your career.
Almost everyone agrees that networking is important, but we often struggle to find the time and energy we need to build our networks. This workshop encourages you to think about networking as a critical part of how we get things done. You'll learn the downsides of having a homogeneous network and the most effective ways to invest your time in building a broad, connective, and dynamic strategic network.
You cannot control the world. You cannot control other people. That is why it is so tempting to feel like a victim when something goes wrong. You can, however, choose how to respond to the world and to other people. You are response-able. That is why it is possible to feel like a hero, expressing your values, unconditionally, in the face of any situation. In this lecture, Samir invites you to own your power and be your own hero.
Many people think of confidence as a feeling. But in reality it’s a set of behaviors that you can change and improve over time. By acting confidently, particularly at the start of your career, you can influence how others perceive you and change how you feel about yourself. Hear expert insights and real-life examples from millennial women on strategies to build your confidence from the outside in.
Successful people deal with the stress and come out on top. Identify your individual symptoms of stress and work stressors. Construct a stress model for you and your environment. Learn tactics to deal with the five most common work stressors. Study a take-home compendium of 70 specific tactics to help manage stress. Develop your own plan to address the stressors in your life.