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Online Learning, Convenient, Affordable, Anytime, Anywhere, Just a click away!

Montgomery College offers an exciting array of noncredit online courses from Ed2Go. These are open to everyone. There are hundreds of courses offered each month. These courses are instructor-led by experts in the field, informative, convenient, and highly interactive. Courses are six-weeks long, available 24/7, and prices start at $120. Courses are  project oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on-assignments, discussions areas, supplemental links and more.

Featured Course

Student taking accounting and finance class

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Prepare for any situation by bridging the communication gap between you, your patients, and worried family members. This course provides knowledge of basic medical phrases to help you better communicate with the Spanish-speaking community. Learn more about the course in the Ed2Go Course Catalognew window.


How Do I Enroll, Register, and Pay for an Ed2Go Noncredit Online Course?

Enrolling and paying for a noncredit online course is a two step process.


Step 1. Browse the Ed2Go Course Catalog to find the course(s) you want.

Step 2 . Then click on the Enroll Now button.

  1. Select a Start Date  
  2. Write down the Start Date, Title, Price, and Course Section Number. You will need the class information for the M.C. registration / payment form later. Press the Continue Button.
  3. Sign In Options
    1. Returning Students use your Ed2Go user name and password to Login.
    2. New Students: Follow instructions to Create an Account and a user name and password, and be sure to write it down as it will be needed to enter the classroom portal when your class starts. 

Step 3. Payment Options:

  1. Make a Payment: . This will lead you to instructions on how to pay via Montgomery College's secure Payment / Registration Form  and follow directions for making a payment. Out of state fees may apply. Payments are charged to your credit card upon receipt of your registration form. Keep a copy for your records.
  2.  You have the option of trying out  the Ed2Go online course for up to seven days before paying. To pay for the course use the  Secure MC Payment /Registration Form

4. Alternate Payment Options for Employers/Employees.  If your employer is paying for your class, you must first enroll in the class and then payment may be made online with the company credit card. if your company or organization prefers to pay by check then you need to enroll in the class and then fill out a paper MC Registration Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  and mail it to Montgomery College. You will find the address on the registration form. 

Ed2Go FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions

Go to ed2gonew window and on the top menu bar there is a link for "MY CLASSROOM". You will need your username and password to be able to access your class. You will also get an email notification on the first day of class on how to access the course. 

  • Classes are 6 weeks long. Two lessons a week. Released on Wednesday and Friday.
  • You do NOT have to be at your computer at a specific time. Lessons are available 24/7.
  • Allow about 2 hours for each lesson. 
  • There is a quiz at the end of each lesson. You may take it as many times as you wish until you get a score you are happy with.
  • There is a final exam. You may only take that once. You need to score at least 65% to pass the course. 

You can post comments, questions, or concerns to your fellow students as well as the instructor. You should receive communication from them and your instructor, but your instructor may not be able to respond as quickly as your classmates. Give your instructor at least 24 hours to respond, if they do not, please contact us.

This may occur if you indicated you are not a U.S. Citizen. In that case, you will need to contact Customer Service by calling 240-567-7872.

If you are at least 60 years of age and a Maryland resident you may qualify for a senior discount. However, not all Ed2Go courses are eligible for this discount. Once you pay for the course Customer Service will verify your eligibility, and that the course is eligible for the discount. If eligible, you will get a partial refund (senior discount) credited back to your credit card. If you wish to confirm that the course qualified for the senior discount prior to paying, send an inquiry to

These are noncredit classes and you do not earn a letter grade which could be applied to a degree program. However, these classes do appear on your Montgomery College transcript with a grade of "CP" for complete, or "NCP" for not complete. If you complete the course and pass the final exam with a score of 65% or better you earn a Complete. 

The courses are designed to run for 6 weeks, however you can get an automatic 10 day extension if you need more time. 
If you need to drop the class you must do this before the class starts or within the first 13 days of the class. In the case of a school holiday, this may be earlier. Send an email to or call Janet Lane at 240-567-6938 for more information. 
 Yes, you will have the opportunity to print a certificate of completion before the class officially ends from the Ed2Go site. You may also request one from Montgomery College, however you must pass the final exam with a score of 65% or better to be eligible for the certificate. 

 Yes, we have many teenagers taking Ed2Go online classes.

A note to parents. This is a three step process. 

  1. Enroll your child. Please use your child's name when you enroll them and create a password. NOT the Parent's name.
  2. Registration: On the MC registration form you will need to fill out the child's information and birthdate.
  3. Payment: The only place the parent name needs to appear is on the credit card portal as you will need to indicate the parent's name as the card holder.