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UGotClass Certificates

Skills for the 21st Century

Want to increase your expertise and take a more comprehensive course of study? There are five online UGotClass Noncredit Certificates which may interest you.

You must take all three courses in the series to earn the Certificate. Classes are taken individually. They may be taken in any order – however you may find it more helpful to take them in order listed. Most UGotClass courses are offered three to four times a year. Upon completion of all three courses in your chosen topic – please contact us and we will arrange to issue a Certificate.

UGotClass Catalog of Classes UGotClass Registration Form

UGotClass Certificates: 

Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  • UGC005 – Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • UGC019 – Cash is King
  • UGC020 – Financial Analysis and Planning for Non-Financial Managers

Certificate in Business Writing

  • UGC063 – Business Writing
  • UGC025 – Effective Copywriting
  • New: Writing News and Press Releases

Grammar Refresher Certificate

  • NEW:  Word-Level Grammar
  • NEW:  Sentence-Level Grammar
  • NEW: Refining Your Writing

Certificate in Data Analysis

  • UGC003 – Introduction to Data Analysis
  • UGC008 – Intermediate Data Analysis
  • UGC010 – Advanced Data Analysis

Certificate in Online Teaching

  • New: Advanced Teaching Online
  • UGC029 – Designing Online Instruction
  • New: Fostering Online Discussion