Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Pam Felix is co-founder of California tortilla and president of DC Improv
Marketing and Small Business Courses

Join us this fall for a series of marketing courses  with Pam Felix. Co-founder of California Tortilla. 

With Pam Felix explore simple low-cost strategies to grow your business, learn marketing best practices from marketing professionals, and in the Marketing Workshop collaborate with classmates to design and deliver a real small business marketing campaign. You will laugh, learn, and you'll never think about marketing the same way again!

  • SMB962 – Beyond Marketing: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business
  • SMB342 – Marketing Workshop
  • SMB341 – Marketing Mixer

Check our our other small business courses such as accounting and government contracting and more.

Small Business courses are designed for micro and small business owners/C-level executives seeking basic and advanced skills.

Please note that the courses listed below are not necessarily offered each term. Please check the WD&CE official schedule for more information about dates, costs, locations and course descriptions.  

Courses for Small Businesses
Small Business:
  • SMB322 – Home Inspection: Make it Your Business
    • SMB967 – Home Inspection Continuing Education Part I – Spring only
    • SMB968 - Home Inspection Continuing Education Part II – Spring only
  • SMB181 – Home Improvement License Law and Business Basics
  • SMB029 – Accounting Principles for Small Business
  • SMB264 – Business Feasibility: Will Your Venture Work?
  • SMB299 – Contracting with the U.S. Government
  • SMB962 – Beyond Marketing: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business
  • SMB341 – Marketing Mixer
  • SMB342 – Marketing Workshop
Entrepreneurship Courses
  • ENT001 – Business Lifecycle, Introduction
  • ENT002 – Entrepreneurship & Operations
  • ENT003 – Entrepreneurship & Finance
  • ENT004 – Entrepreneurship: Marketing
  • ENT006 – Entrepreneur’s Mindset
  • ENT007 – Tech Transfer, Innovation Introduction
  • ENT008 – Entrepreneurial Mindset, Leadership & Ethics
  • ENT009 – Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Invention & Impact
Entrepreneurship and Innovation CE Certification Program: 
  • ENT010 Part I: Entrepreneurship & Innovation CE Certificate (ENT010)
  • ENT011 Part II: Entrepreneurship & Innovation CE Certificate (ENT011)
  • Part III: LAUNCHCAMP: Start Up Bootcamp