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Top Questions Students and Parents Ask


You must purchase this book prior to your first class! It will be used immediately in your classroom activities. Please be sure to check carefully to see which edition of the textbook is being used in your class, as the textbook is frequently updated, and older editions of textbooks are not useful.

  • SAT current textbook information can be found at the Bookstore
  • ACT current textbook information can be found at the Bookstore
  • SAT/ACT Math Skills Review textbook: Textbook is required and available for purchase at the Rockville Campus bookstore (name: Advanced Fast Track by Bill Coe and Lisa Lovejoy).

This is our guarantee to you:

The best way that you can guarantee yourself a significant score increase is to:

  • Go to every class and fully engage yourself in all classroom activities.
  • Take every practice test as if it is the real thing.
  • Seriously try every strategy that is suggested; use the one that works for you and forget the ones that do not.
  • If you discover that you have a serious weakness in the content areas of the test, make a commitment to yourself to find some way to supplement your SAT/ACT preparation; get a tutor, get a software program, talk to your teachers, spend extra time and effort to fill those gaps!
  • Our instructors repeatedly report that the students who make the most significant score increases (from 100-150 points each on math and verbal) are the ones who come to class with serious intent and focus.

You will take, score, analyze, and pore over the answers of real SATs and ACTs that have been given in previous years. You will learn proven test taking strategies that are based in solid academics, not "hype" and "tricks". You will find that our content review is comprehensive within the context of what the SAT tests. If you have a solid base in algebra, geometry, and arithmetic, and are a competent reader with a solid vocabulary base, you will find yourself in good position to make a significant score increase.

The most intense preparation that you will do in this course will be done right in the classroom under the direct guidance of your instructor. Occasionally, outside work may be suggested or required at the discretion of the instructor.
 Classes meeting at Montgomery College locations follow the announcement posted on the Montgomery College web site. Online classes will meet as scheduled.
All of our teachers receive training in SAT Preparation and have had experience in classroom presentations. Many of our instructors are current or retired teachers from Montgomery County Public Schools or other local school systems.

Generally, students take the PSAT in the fall of their Junior year. The PSAT becomes a serious matter if you are aiming for a National Merit Scholarship; the PSAT is also the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test).

In ninth and tenth grades, you should concentrate on doing well in your academic subjects, become a strong reader, and develop good, solid, critical thinking skills. This is the best possible preparation you can give yourself at this early stage. Think about taking our preparation course in the summer after your sophomore year for the PSAT or just before the SAT exam date that you select.

We do not recommend that you take a prep class for both tests. Because ACT prep and SAT prep classes practice similar skills a prep class for both would be repetitive.
The actual SAT is administered by the Educational Testing Service on established dates. We do not register you for that test; you must do that on your own. Information and forms are available at your school. You may also call 866-756-7346 or register online with the College Board.
Visit the College Board site to find out more about the new SAT Score-Reporting Policy.
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