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Let's Talk

Let's Talk: A Discussion on Racial Issues In America.

Event held on February 10, 2023.
American Subjugation of the Black Community
A discussion on the American subjugation of the black community for MC employees and students. How can we create healing spaces for our community and students of color? What must we do to create spaces for action and engagement?
What's with the "Karen" Memes
A discussion on identifying racial biases for MC employees and students. How is overt vs. covert white supremacy demonstrated? Why is there a call to "defund the police"? How can we support community resource investments moving forward?
Say HER Name
Recent national protests against police violence have popularized the chant "Say His Name," a call to memorialize male victims of violence. A cry to "Say Her Name" also resonates for many of us, as we recall the tragedies of Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, and Tanisha Anderson, among others.



Get involved.   Here you will find a quick list of items and resources that will help you become involved in the discussion.

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