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General Studies Academic Planning


  • REFLECT on your academic, career and personal goals, your program requirements;
  • CONNECT with a program advisor or counselor to review your ideas for your plan;
  • RECORD your plan in an easy to fill out savable online form

An academic plan will help you plan and track your progress through your General Studies degree at Montgomery College.  Your academic plan is a tool you can use with a program advisor or counselor to determine what classes to take each semester. You can plan one semester at a time or better, you can plan several semesters out in order to develop your plan to graduate and transfer or graduate and continue your career.  Your plan will incorporate the courses that you select to meet your graduation requirements for your selected General Studies major including:  General Education requirements, core requirements and electives.

You can update and adapt your plan as you go; your progress is saved each time you submit the plan. You can work with a program advisor or a counselor to review your course selections, but this plan is yours to manage and maintain.

Before you start working on your plan, you may want to have your Student Academic Report  (SAR available in MyMC), the list of General Education courses and requirementsnew window  and this list of General Studies benchmarks (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) available to help you plan your classes. 

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