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Updating Your Student Academic Plan for Completion (SAPC)

The goal of the Student Academic Plan for Completion (SAPC) is to help you plan your academic path at Montgomery College and keep you on track to completing your goals. Once you begin your academic plan, you should regularly update it.

We ask that every student create and maintain an academic plan. To create your plan, you can work with a program advisor or a counselor, but you are responsible for actually putting the plan together.  In addition to program advisors and counselors, there are many resources available to help you complete your academic plan. Any of the following might be useful:

  1. Program Requirements:  Use the Montgomery College Catalog to review your program requirements and a recommended course sequence.
  2. General Education Requirements: review the list of General Education Courses.
  3. Math Course Sequence is usually the longest string of courses and are prerequisites to most Science courses.
  4. Review your Student Advisory Report (SAR) for academic history (see below)
  5. Review the advising worksheet for your program (scroll down to find your program).
  6. Meet with a counselor or program advisor to discuss the courses and course sequencing you should be following. NOTE: counselors and program advisors will discuss course selection and sequencing with you, but will not complete your SAPC for you.
  7. Review your Starfish plan, if you have worked on one with a counselor.
  8. Review course equivalencies from other institutions and  to review recommended transfer programs (see a counselor or program advisor for help reviewing recommended transfer plans.)
  9. Use transfer agreements to help you determine what to take.  

Completing your Academic Plan

Please review the following instructions and any instructions your instructor gives you.  Then, you will be able to begin or update your Student Academic Plan in your MyMC portal:

MyMC student icons

Step 1- Log into your MyMC account and locate the icons for the Student Advisory Report and the Student Academic Plan:

Sign in to your MyMC account and click on the Student Academic Plan (SAPC) icon.

  1. Click on the “View the Selected Report Online” option
  2. Check your major.  If you major is not correct, you must complete the Declaration or Change of Program of Study form
 Step 2- Future Courses- the courses you plan to take for the next ONE to TWO semesters.

 If you are unsure as to which courses you need for your declared major, you can refer to the Advising Worksheet for your major.  

Alternately,you may want to meet with a counselor or program advisor to discuss your course selections. NOTE: Neither counselors nor program advisors will complete the form for you, but both are available to discuss your plan.  See instructions for setting up appointments with counselors and times program advisors are available for consultation (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom left corner of the screen when you are done with Step 2.

Step 3- Academic Plan Review

To have your plan reviewed, you will need to meet with a counselor or program advisor within your area of study. If you are an Engineering major, you should meet with an advisor/professor in the engineering department, etc. If you are General Studies major, you can meet with a program advisor from a discipline you are interested in or you can meet with a counselor to review your plan.  Whomever you meet with should add comments and their name on tab 2 of the plan.

NOTE: If you are a post-baccalaureate student, you need only complete the current semester using the courses you are currently taking.  Use the advising notes to identify that you already have a degree, and indicate the reasons you are taking courses.

NOTE: If you know you are transferring after this semester, enter the courses you are taking for the current semester (or update those courses), and make a note in the advising comments tab of the institution to which you are intending to transfer. You should meet with a program advisor or counselor to ensure your transfer plans are on track.

Step 4- Submit Plan
  1. Click on “Submit as Complete” (you WILL be able to modify and then resubmit your plan in the future, so don’t panic!)
  2. Click on the “Print Student Academic Plan” button.  Follow your instructor's instructions for submitting the assignment in class. Print out a physical copy of your plan to keep for your records and to use to help you register for next semester.
  3. Be sure to come back to your plan to update it each semester with any changes to the courses you are taking and to revise your future plan as needed.