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11th International Digital Storytelling Conference

11th International Digital Storytelling Conference

Radical Listening: Story Work for a Just Future

June 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2023
University of Maryland, Baltimore County | Montgomery College | Smithsonian Institution | StoryCenter


Accepted Presentations

Listed below are all the academic papers, Pecha Kucha presentations, workshops, panels, and other formats that have been accepted for presentation at the 11th International Digital Storytelling Conference, June 20-23, 2023. Please let us know if we missed a presentation, or if a correction is needed at this email address: with the subject title: “Correction needed: Accepted Presentations.”

This program webpage will be updated with dates, times, presenter names, and descriptions as presentations are confirmed and scheduled. Please keep checking back. Thank you!

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Academic Paper (15 minutes)

‘Creating Actionable Human Insights’: Digital Storytelling to Inform the Future of the Manufacturing Industry 

Documentary as Discourse: Cultivating Narrative Agency through Media Arts in Mental Health Practice with Youth 

TIMS: A Novel Audio Intervention Benefiting Patients and Clinicians

Collaborative Digital Storytelling and the Ethics of Representation in Creative Writing 

Completing the Turn: Utilizing Portraiture in Participatory Digital Storytelling Research

Hidden Treasure: Engaging Community Cultural Wealth in Digital Storytelling Workshops 

Power and Precarity: First-Generation College Students Compose Digital Stories of Social Class Mobility 

The Lead Story: Listening to How the Community Wants to Hear About its Lead Poisoning Problem

Building Learning Communities through Digital Storytelling 

The Contribution of Digital Storytelling to Community Cohesion in Makhanda 

Digital Storytelling as Critical Media Praxis for Social Justice "

Lessons Learned: Methodologies and Practices to Amplify Student Voice in Educational Digital Storytelling Facilitation and Evaluation

Addressing Ethical Complexity in Participatory Media Practice

Conversations about Conservation: Digital Storytelling in Durham University’s MA in Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects

Story-based Strategies for Advocacy and Change Using Digital Storytelling

“This is My Truth, Now Tell Me Yours” Framing the Reflective Digital Storytelling Process as An Act of Autoethnography and Digital Stories as Valid and Useful Uber-Qualitative Data 

Exploring Experiences of Black College-to-University Transfer Students in Ontario through Digital Storytelling and In-Depth Interviews 

Participatory Video and Most Significant Change - Participant-Led Storytelling in Evaluation 

An Investigation into the Transformative and Therapeutic Impacts of Digital Storytelling through the Dynamics of the Story-Circle 

Understanding How an Entrepreneurial Identity is Shaped by Religious Beliefs and Storytelling in Family Businesses 

Sense-Making Methodology, and Digital Storytelling: Framework and Practices for Reflective Voice, ‘Radical Listening,’ and Assessment 

Anishinaabe Mino’Ayaawin - People in Good Health 

The Effect of the Transactional Leadership to Perpetuate Racism when Managing and Developing Learning in a H.E institution in Wales: An Ethnographic Investigation 

Stories That Matters, Digital Storytelling Based on Design for Change on Design for Change Methodology 

Cultural Heritage in the Classroom: Teaching Principles of the Digital Public Humanities through Storytelling 

Digital Storytelling for the Inclusive Classroom

From Presentation to Process: Voice, Choice and Power in Humanitarian Storytelling 

From Presentation to Process: Voice, Choice and Power in Humanitarian Storytelling. 

Technopartcipation: Humour as a Form of Storytelling, Expression and Subversion through Livestream Zoom Performances During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond 

Digital Storytelling with Alcohol and Drug-Addicted Men in Turkey 

Radical Narratives, Multiperspectival Thinking and Community-Based Creative Practices: a Polyphonic Documentary Approach 

Introducing Societal Issues with Digital Stories to Facilitate Meaningful Learning 

Combining Digital Storytelling and Discourse Analysis to Promote Social Change

Lost (and Found) In Translation: A Methodological Discussion about DST in (Mathematics) Educational Research 

Podcasting as Research and Pedagogic Method for Active Listening and Reflexivity 

Shuffle, Understand, Remember, Forget - Tarot Readings on Jessica Dore's X Account 

Street Storytelling and Social Media: the “Humans of New York” Story Model 

Mediating Feminisms and Feminist Pedagogies Through Digital Storytelling 

Mapping Responses to Exclusion: Digital Storytelling as a Research Methodology in Collaborative Theatre Research Practice 

Storied Justice: Nursing, Social Change and Student Activism 

A Model of One’s Own: Digital Storytelling and Online Learning 

Strength in Storytelling: Peacebuilding via Wordless Books 

Reckoning with workplace experiences of LGBTQ+ Nurses through Digital Storytelling: A Protocol Design 

Framing the Conversation: Conceptualization of Taboo within Latine Culture 

From Presentation to Process: Voice, Choice and Power in Humanitarian Storytelling 

Embedding Digital Data Storytelling in Introductory Data Science Course: a Multi-institute Multi-disciplinary Experiment 

Sounding Madness: the Ethics of Listening to Disability Justice & Mad Poetics for Livable Futures 

Digital Storytelling as Liberatory Literacy: Critical Pedagogy in the Composition Classroom 

Digital Storytelling as Authentic Assessment: A Case from UG Education Module 

Uncovering Complex Narratives in Environmental Justice Communities 

Bound: Stories from Mothers Restricted by Relocation Statues 

“Life is a rollercoaster”: Digital Storytelling as an Anthropological Tool to Illuminate the Experiences of Transgender Latinas Living in Los Angeles, California 

What Can Place-Based Immersive Digital Storytelling Tell us About the Experience of Losing One’s Home? 

Pecha Kucha Presentation (7 minutes)

Coexistence of Religions in Cuttack, Odisha"

Digital Storytelling: Developing Personal Agency and Influencing the Discourses and the Development of Rural Villages in Moldova

What's Your Story? Using Digital Storytelling as a Therapeutic Intervention with Traveller Men Affected by Suicide

More Than A Single Story: UM-Dearborn Speaks

Coexistence of Religions In the Saris and Celebration of Religious Festivals in India

Where We All Stand: Using Story to Reach for Hope

Project Directors, Making History/Haciendo Historia: Latinxs in Mendocino

Real People Sharing Their Hepatitis B Stories

A Pandemic-Inspired Approach to Grief Literacy through Applied Theatre 

(Re)flexibility of Digital Storytelling in Qualitative Health Research 

Voices of Young Tajik Women

Please Forgive Us: Amplifying Student Debt Stories for Healing & Advocacy 

Empowering Communities through Social Memory Technology: Indigenous, Quilombos and Grassroots Communities' Experiences 

Their Voice, Their Journey: Stories from Africa 

A Story About Your Digital Wellbeing

Older People's Voices: The UN Decade of Healthy Ageing 
What’s In Your Shoebox? Unpacking Study Abroad Experiences through Digital Storytelling 

Further Apart, Yet Closer Together - How Adapting to Remote Facilitation Enabled us to Question and Reframe our Digital Storytelling Practices 

The Story of Community-Based Pproject "Mood Co-Garden" 

Transfer Stories: The Seams of Transition 

The Power of Place: The Digital Stories of Lakeland Middle Schoolers 

Radical Listening to Craft Youth-Elder Connection: Digital story that Matters 

Stories for Change: Digital Stories as Tools for Learning and Action 

K-12 Digital Storytelling: How Using Tech for Good can Lead to Active Global Citizenship 

Artist Talk 

Si Se Puede: Finding and Using Our Voices 

Latino Roots in Washington: Stories of Identity and Place 

Inspiring Social Change through the Study of History and Art 

Sister Neighborhood Arts Program Digital Storytelling Project 

MS, Belonging: A Sacred Space of Healing 

Altered Landscapes of a Post-Carbon Future 

The Story of Power as the Power of Story- How Change works!

Never only a coffee cup: Stories told with an object 

How to Show the Real Self: Digital Storytelling for Professional Empowerment 

The Orange Shirt Story: A Case Study in Right-Sized Approaches to Storytelling 

Storytelling as a Pedagogy of Care 


We’re all Storytellers - Building a Global Storytelling Community 

Having your CAKE and Eating It 

Voices on the Frontlines - Writing through the Pandemic with Nurstory and Nurse-Family Partnership 

Stories from the Ground Up: Littleglobe's Community Storyteller's Program 

Exploring the Third Space Through Digital Storytelling: Identity Formation and the Experience of Young Community Language Learners 

OurStory NH: Reflections from the Pandemic and Beyond 

Intuitive Art in Collective Storytelling 

Digital Storytelling for Sustainable Tourism 

Building the Storytelling Capacity of People Who Use Drugs 

Geographic Interview Projects 

Indigenous DC

Workshop (90 minutes)

The Transmedia Journey of Transdisciplinary Tree Doctor Sylvanus 

Performative Digital Storytelling: A Hands-On Experience 

Using Digital Storytelling Projects to Foster Cultural Literacy 

Analogue 'Making' in a Digital Story 

Listening with the Whole Body

Weaving Together Stories and Cultures for a World on the Move: Empowering Diverse Children through Collective Digital Storytelling 

Building Resilient Communities through Digital Storytelling 

Futureability Workshop

We're all Storytellers

Engaging Oppression and Social Justice through Story Work in Multiple Modalities: Movement, Making, Storytelling

Every Picture Tells a Story (or Two, or Three...)

Transforming Schools: Listen to the Ones Who Will Live in the Future

The Broken Mishkan: Performance & Community Conversation

Advances in Data Storytelling: Telling Interactive Data Stories with Open Ending

Panel (45 minutes)

Digital Storytelling for Linguistic Justice" 

Voices to End FGM/C: Using Personal Storytelling for Women's Rights Advocacy "

Finding Voice and Learning to Lead with the Montgomery College Digital Storytelling Internship: A Student Intern Perspective

The Living Cultures initiative: Indigenous communities using Participatory Video to celebrate, Foster and Protect their Cultures 

Story Work for a Just Future. Exploring Diverse Experiences and Methods within an International Community of Practice 

What Digital Storytelling Means to the New Generation of Researchers 

Reflecting on the Journey: Listening to MC’s Digital Storytelling Alumni 

Illuminating Youth: Empowering Teen Voices through Multimodal Storytelling 

Invisible Wounds: Stories of Survivorship 

Stories of Home: Refugees and Immigrants Speak on Their Own Terms

Examining “What Teaching and Learning Can Be”: Engaging Undergraduate Students in Digital Storytelling through Mapmaking and Narratives of Challenge and Change 

Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Farmworker Communities through Digital Storytelling 

How Storytelling is Transforming Service within the NHS

Reckoning with Racism in Nursing

Sickness and Survival in the City: Stories from the Army of Lovers

Storytelling and Mental Health: What You Need to Know 

Bias Is it Conscious or Unconscious? 

Stories of Home: Refugees and Immigrants Speak on Their Own Terms 

Innovating Storytelling to Protect Cultural Heritage

Equity Stories to Elevate the Experiences of DeKalb, Fulton, and Clayton County Residents Who Had a Past or Present Experience of Homelessness


Bridging the Impossible: Using Collaborative Autoethnography in a Late Postwar German-Jewish Case Study