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Internships Accepting International Undergraduate Students (F-1 Visa)

Summer internship applications are usually open in November.

Why do an internship?

  • Get experience and practice what you learn in class
  • Build connections (and your resume/CV)
  • Have some stipend!

STEM Internships/Research Experience

  1. SURF Engineering program (Stanford University, California)new window
  2. Scripps Research SURF/REU program (California or Florida - Chemistry & Biology)new window
  3. Summer Lando/NSF REU (University of Minnesota - Chemistry & related fields)new window
  4. SURF Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic in Minnesota - Biomedical research)new window
  5. SPUR (South Dakota - Biology)new window
  6. SURF (UT Southwestern Medical center - Chemistry & Biology)new window
  7. NIST/MC Prep program: (*If you are at MC this one is your best bet because it is less competitive. And if the division has funding (and likes you enough) they might keep you to work until their project is done, or until you have to graduate.) MC students only. Email Professor Susan Bontems or NIST Internship
  8. SCR297: This is a 2-credit class at MC. Great for students who need a CPT to work off-campus (at NIST, for example)
  9. STEM Scholars Program: Honors program for MC students only. Not an internship, but provides STEM internships. Email STEM Scholars.
  10. Gerstner Sloan Kettering SURPnew window (New York - biomedical research)
  11. Purdue SURF Engineering program (Indiana)new window
  12. Caltech SURF (California)new window
  13. Wake Forest Institute Summer Scholars Program (North Carolina - Engineering and Biology)new window
  14. I.G. Summer Undergraduate Research Program (UCLA - quantitative and computational biology)
  15. BMI-SURF (University of Cincinnati - Biomedical Informatics)new window
  16. ASPET SURF Program (University of Cincinnati - Pharmacology)new window
  17. Website for UMD students
  18. FUSRP (Fields Institute, Toronto - Mathematics)new window
  19. SCC Leah Menshouse Springer Summer Opportunities Program ( Siteman Cancer Center in Missouri - Cancer research)new window
  20. BioMedRAP (Missouri - Biology)new window
  21. HSCI Internship Program (Harvard, Massachusetts - Stem cell research)new window: Cancelled
  22. UNDERC (University of Notre Dame, Indiana - Ecology and environment research)
  23. Stowers Summer Scholars (Missouri - Biology)new window
  24. Duke RNI Summer Research Fellow Program (North Carolina - Biomedical research)new window
  25. SURF (Drexel University, Pennsylvania - Biology)new window
  26. SIP (Johns Hopkins University, Maryland - Biology, Basic Science Institute division only)
  27. SSRP (Maine Medical Center - Biomedical research)new window
  28. Summer Scholars Program (University of Rochester, New York - Biology)new window
  29. Computational-driven experimental biology (Virginia Tech, Virginia - Biology, Computer Sciences and related):
  30. SPUR fellowship (multiple locations - Ecology)
  31. MSRP Bio (MIT, Massachusetts - Biology/Neuroscience)new window
  32. Micro-SURP (University of Texas, Houston - Microbiology)new window
  33. School of Dentistry SURP (SODSURP) (University of Texas, Houston - Dental/Dentistry)new window
  34. GradSURP (University of Texas, Houston - Biomedical Science)new window
  35. Summer Research Program (Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Missouri - Radiology)new window
  36. HRTP (Public Health - New York, unpaid)new window
  37. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Undergraduate Research Internship (University of Rochester - 1 to 2 semesters commitment)new window
  38. SUMR (University of Pennsylvania - Health Services)new window
  39. UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program (UCLA, California - Public Health)new window
  40. Kupcinet-Getz International Summer School (Israel - Science)new window
  41. NASA International Internship (NASA I²) Programnew window
  42. Summer Internships in Plant Pathology (Ohio)new window
  43. Summer Research Program (Switzerland - Biology and related Sciences)new window: Cancelled
  44. Summer Undergraduate Cancer Research Program (West Virginia University Cancer Institute)new window
  45. SURI (West Virginia University - Neuroscience): (on hiatus)new window
  46. Math in Moscownew window
  47. Janelia (Virginia - All Science, programming skills required)new window
  48. SMART Program (Texas - Biology and related Sciences)new window
  49. SRI Program (Creighton University, Nebraska - Biology and related Sciences)new window
  50. Summer Research Program (College of Medicine, Texas A&M - Biology and related)new window
  51. URP at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (New York - Biology and related)new window
  52. Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (North Dakota - Chemistry and related)

Humanities & Social Sciences Internships/Research Experience

  1. Renaissance Scholars Program: Honors program for MC students only, not an internship, but provides humanities internships. Email Professor Joan Naakenew window.
  2. Robert F. Smith internship (DC)new window
  3. EMGIP-Bundestag (Germany)new window
  4. ThinkSwiss (Switzerland)new window


  1. Columbia Business School Summer Research Internship (New York - multiple disciplines)new window
  2. Smithsonian-related internshipsnew window
  3. Philadelphia Zoo (Bio/Zoology/Ecology/Environmental Science/Communications/Sociology/Business)new window

Scholarship Search Tools

  1. FastWebnew window
  2. Scholarships & Grantsnew window

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. A compiled list from Swarthmore Collegenew window
  2. College Volunteer Program (University of Pennsylvania Hospital)new window
  3. Scripps Student Research Internship (Biology, Chemistry, Computational Biology)new window
  4. Pace University Psychology Summer Internship Program (New York)new window
  5. Summer Clinical Research Volunteer Program (Hackensack University Medical Center, New Jersey - Pediatrics)new window


*Special thanks for the information contributor: An Dang