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Financial Information

Evidence of Financial Support

For current students needing to change their sponsor or provide new sponsor documents to extend their I-20, please review Evidence of Financial Support.

Wire Transfer Information - International Payments

Montgomery College has partnered with Flywire for international payments.

This services provides students and their families a cost effective and convenient method of making payments to Montgomery College in foreign currencies.

Flywire allows you to:

  • Pay from any country and any bank
  • Save money on bank fees and ensure your payment is received in full
  • Obtain excellent foreign exchange rates with a best rate guarantee
  • Receive a piece of mind with 24x7 multilingual customer support
  • Track your payment from start to finish

 Need to make an international payment?

Pay Now with Flywire

For questions about making a payment with Flywire, you can email ​

Financial Help for International Students

The Term "Financial Aid" usually applies to the program funded by the United States government to assist US Citizens and Permanent Residents with college costs.  The College office that has information about this program, scholarship programs, and loans is named The Financial Aid Office at Montgomery College.

Montgomery College does not have specific scholarships for International Students, although F-1 students are eligible to apply for some Scholarship programs at the College.

Students born outside the United States, scholarships can be an invaluable help toward achieving that dream. Whether you're a new immigrant, a student going on to graduate school, or a learner returning to college, there's international scholarship assistance out there for your studies in the United States. For more information please visit An International Student's Guide to U.S. Scholarshipsnew window.

I. MC Scholarships

Many organizations, businesses, and individuals make generous gifts to the Montgomery College Foundation, which fund the scholarships that help Montgomery College students achieve their educational goals. Scholarships are available for Montgomery College students who are in good academic standing and have financial need. In addition, applicants must be enrolled for at least six credit hours and ideally be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Limited assistance is available for non-citizens. If selected for a scholarship, recipients must agree to:

  • Write an undated letter of thanks to the scholarship sponsor(s). (If selected for a scholarship, the Scholarship Office will provide you with the information.)
  • Attend a meeting of the sponsoring club or organization, if requested, and if your class and work schedule allows.
  • Attend the Montgomery College scholarship recognition event to thank donors and promote the scholarship program, if your class and work schedule allows.

To apply for these scholarships, you must sign in here. If you have any questions, e-mail Patricia Lopez. Keep in mind that even if you apply, you may not receive an award.

II. Other Scholarships for Students

Most scholarships are designed for students who have already been at the College for a term.  Look in our Paying for College section under Institutional and Outside grants, as the others include government money so can only go to Citizens and Permanent residents.

The College Board of Trustee Scholarships and other programs that are NOT supported by United States government funding are open to all students to apply for.

III. Honors Programs

International Students are eligible to apply Honors Programs, such as STEM Scholars Program and Renaissance Scholars. Some Honors Programs offer financial assistance. Enrolling in Honors Programs may help with future scholarship applications.

See details about our Honors Programsnew window.

IV. Financial Alternatives

International Students MAY be able to take out private loans, through banks or other lending institutions.  Most of these loans will require a "Co-signer" (a person with a good, credit history that can be checked inside the United States and who will promise to pay the loan if the student cannot).

There are a lot of private scholarships available for students who are not U.S. citizens. Visit College Scholarships for International Students and Non-Citizensnew window for more information.

Below is other information on types of financial assistance available to international students that the International Coordinators Office has received information about. The Student must check to be sure of the current situation with any of this information. The International Coordinator's Office does not have any responsibility for the information below or any further information than what is listed here.

Apply for Interest-Free Educational Loans

The Rowe Fund Loan Program of the Organization of American States provides interest-free loans to international students from Latin America and the Caribbean. Eligibility requirements and application forms can be found herenew window

Deadline: Applications reviewed year-round.

V. Transfer Institutions offering International Students Scholarships

There are several institutions that offer international student scholarships. We are always updating with new information .