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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

An electronic way to display the most up to date information.

Enhance Campus Wide Communications

Indoor digital sign
 Digital sign in Raptor Central on the Rockville Campus.

Digital signage is an easily accessible tool for College announcements, news, student activities, open captioned videos, campus-generated content and events, as well as critical campus updates such as weather advisories and emergency information. On this page, you will find the information you need on how to access and use digital displays.

Digital Signage refers to the public-area flat-panel displays on our campuses used specifically for the distribution of information and strategic messaging to our on-campus community and gateway signage refers to the large format displays at the entrances to our campuses that feature broader messages to prospective students and the Montgomery County communities. When used in conjunction with other mediums, digital signage and gateway signage are important and powerful communication tools.

All existing and future digital displays will be brought together in a network controlled through a single template-based content management system using the Scala digital signage platform. This will be the only digital signage and gateway signage solution at Montgomery College. The Scala platform provides a robust and easy-to-use College-wide communications network. Under the direction of the Office of Communications, the digital signage network will deliver a branded, unified visual and architectural feel while maintaining the diversity of messaging from across the College. 


4-Panel Digital Sign
4-Panel digital sign in the CT building.

There are a number of benefits to the signage network using on a standardized platform including:

  • The ability to strategically target the right message to the right displays at the right time in order to reach the right audience no matter where that display is found throughout the College
  • The ability to decentralize the creation of slides while maintaining centralized oversight to ensure consistency and quality
  • The ability to maintain an attractive brand-compliant look and feel for all sides no matter who creates them
  • The ability to add innovative solutions to our displays such as real-time MC Shuttle Bus and Ride-On Bus schedules, news tickers, weather updates and forecasts, social media feeds, and the like
  • The ability to tie in the digital signs to the College’s centralized emergency communication system
  • The hardware (displays and PC Players) and software platform are maintained centrally so that you and your department can focus on what you do best


The role of creating slides for the digital displays is decentralized. So, if your department has content that you believe has value to the College community, you can submit it yourself. You have two ways to contribute that content to centralized network. You must either be trained on using the Scala Content Management System and approved as a Content Contributor or contact a Content Contributor for your department or area who will create the slide(s) for you.

Training for Content Contributors to develop slides for use on the public-area flat-panel displays will soon be offered. Contact usnew window to request a training date.

Training Tools

Guidelines, terminology and checklists.

Editorial Guidelines and Terminology

The A to Z Guide, Punctuation Guide, Tips (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) , and other guides will be your reference to answer questions you may have about formatting.

The Brand Standards and Usage Guide (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) is your resource for specific rules on logo usage, color usage, and font usage, as well as other guidelines for the Montgomery College brand.

Scala Specific Terminology: Read the terminology guide (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) to understand terms specific to Scala.

How to Find Images Allowed for Re-use

Follow the image guidelines (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) to find images that are allowed to be used on your signage.

How to Find Images on the College's Flickr Site

Browse the College's Flickr sitenew window. Once you find an image you would like, email to receive a copy the unwatermarked photo, including a link to the photo(s) requested.

How Will Messages Be Distributed on MC's Digital Signage Network?

The first criteria - is the message primarily student or employee-facing? After that, these criteria (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) have been set-up by the Office of Communications for you to follow.

Contributor Checklist

This step-by-step guide (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) will help you when creating digital signage.

Gateway Signage

Outdoor gateway sign
Gateway sign on the Rockville Campus.

MC's outdoor gateway signs offer a way to feature messages that reach the public. The content is highly restricted based on the size limitations of the signs and what can be easily read from a car. 

For additional information and details on how to request adding content to the gateway signs, please read MC's Gateway Policies and Procedures for Digital Signage (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) . You will be contacted by the Office of Communications within two weeks of your request. 

Options for Getting Your Message Out

Digital signage is only one of many messaging opportunities offered by the Office of Communications. Please consider these additional options to help you to reach and engage your audiences:

  • MyMC carousel slider requestnew window
  • MyMC announcements
  • InsideMCOnlinenew window digest, self-serve for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Student digest – weekly email coming soon
  • Posters
  • MCTV news ticker – Email short description with your request to Betty Francisnew window

Policies and Procedures

Montgomery College recognizes the need for a comprehensive, coordinated system of gateway and digital signage. Uniformity of design elements is essential to the overall aesthetic value of the campus. All signage shall conform to the Montgomery College brand and editorial standards. Read the full list of MC's Policies and Procedures for digital signage (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) , pages 9-11.