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Social Media

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The Office of Communications oversees the social media strategy for the College and runs the day-to-day management of the College's main social media accounts including: 

If you are requesting Montgomery College social media for your event, please complete the fillable Social Media Request Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) online and send it fo

Photography releases are necessary for any images that will be used to market or advertise your College program, such as brochures, advertisements, viewbooks, or posters. If you request photography services at the College, it is your responsibility, working in conjunction with the College photographer, to obtain releases from all subjects (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) participating in a photo shoot. 



The Office of Communications drafted the following guidelines in an effort to address use of social media by the College community and its departments. It is important to understand that use of social media can create numerous issues for the College. Copyright claims could be asserted against the College if a department inadvertently posts a picture or video in which a third party claims copyright. Posting inappropriate content, even if authorized, could subject the College to embarrassment or worse.

It is important that “official” use of social media by College staff members adhere to appropriate guidelines intended to minimize such risks. Questions regarding the use of social media or these guidelines should be referred to the Office of Communications. 



Any social media site representing Montgomery College must comply with terms and conditions set by the third-party vendor as well as Montgomery College’s Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy. The Office of Communications may develop additional guidelines specific to popular social media platforms.

The Office of Communications should be used as a resource by the College community for any social media needs. For a group to be recognized by the College as an official social media account, the department must request a review by the Office of Communications.

After approval for a new social media account has been given by the College, administrators for College social networking pages should use the College’s style and brand guides for all written and graphic communications.

The department’s initial social media site creator must include an appropriate representative of the College as an additional administrator for that site. Although the College does not intend to actively engage in maintaining department sites, this designation will enable the College to properly track College social media sites and respond more quickly in the event of a problem, such as the unavailability or departure of the staff member who has administrative control of the site.

Employees identified as administrators of accounts are held responsible for managing and monitoring content of their officially recognized accounts. This includes interacting with page visitors, following up within appropriate timelines, and communicating with other page administrators when responses have been made off-line. Administrators are responsible for removing content that may violate the College’s Code of Conduct policies.

Inappropriate, offensive, injurious, and illegal content on officially recognized College social media accounts may be removed by account administrators at the direction of the Office of Communications. Violation of principles outlined in this standard may result in removal from the College’s social media listing and shutting down of the social media account.

All content must relate directly to Montgomery College. Content placed by administrators cannot promote individual opinions or causes that are not directly related to the mission of the College.

Though social media pages are checked, the College is not legally liable, and the pages are not intended for emergencies. 



Montgomery College reserves the right to edit or delete content that is not in line with our mission, code of conduct, or policies and procedures. 

Comments or posts deemed inappropriate by Montgomery College administrators due to harassing or threatening language, slander, or profanity will be removed without prior notice. Montgomery College reserves the right to block posts and fans that violate this standard.

Existing policies governing student and employee behavior apply to the College’s social media pages. The College takes no responsibility for content developed by non employees. The Office of Communications shall engage the College in education and awareness training on the effective use of social media.