Title IX and the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy guarantee certain rights for Reporting and Responding Parties. It is the responsibility of the Title IX Coordinator to ensure that these rights are observed throughout the process. Refer to the Sexual Misconduct P&P for more detailed information about rights.

Fair Process, Advocacy and Support, Temporary Measures

i.   All individuals have the right for reported grievances to be reviewed through the procedures outlined in Policy 31001-Sexual Misconduct.
ii.  Reporting Parties and Responding Parties have the same opportunity to have advocates of their choice present at any state in the investigative process.
iii.   Both the Reporting Part and Responding Party shall be informed of the outcome of any investigation alleging sexual misconduct.
iv.  Reporting Parties and witnesses will receive amnesty for minor student misconduct (such as alcohol or drug violations) that is secondary to the incident.
v.  Reporting Parties and their supporters have the unfettered right to be free from retaliation.

i.  Individuals shall be notified of College counseling services and off campus resources.
ii.  All parties in the formal resolution/investigation process are entitled to have up to two people (support person, attorney/non-attorney advisor, or advocate) present during investigatory interviews.

i.  Reporting Parties will be notified of, and have the right to receive, no contact orders and adjustments to academic/work schedules or assignments, whether or not there is a formal complaint.
ii.  Interim Remedies - The College reserves sole discretion and the right to take whatever measures it deems necessary in response to an allegation of sexual misconduct in order to protect students’ and employee rights and personal safety and the College community. Such measures include, but are not limited to:

  • reassignment of classes as available or removal from classes
  • change in work schedule or job assignment
  • interim suspension from campus or college imposed leave
  • no contact orders
  • Public Safety escort service on campus
  • reporting the matter to law enforcement