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Fellowships and Grants

GHI in India photo of dancers

Montgomery College has a long history of innovative approaches to teaching cultural diversity and global education.  The Global Humanities Institute builds on this tradition with programs to enhance teaching of the humanities from a global perspective.  

The Global Humanities Institute is offering a number of different fellowships and grants to faculty.

NEH Fellowship: Many Voices One College (MVOC) 

"Many Voices, One College" was a two-year grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities "Community College Initiatives" program. Building on the fellowships for humanities faculty delivered by the Global Humanities Institute from 2013--2016, this grant supported the training of three cohorts of Communications Studies and other discipline fellows who now build Global Humanities approaches into their non-humanities courses. The theme of our program, based on the ongoing Smithsonian Institution Museum of American History exhibit, "Many Voices, One Nation,” emphasized the multitude of voices and cultural perspectives that enrich American life. 

MVOC Faculty Fellows

Past Faculty Fellowships

Revising Individual Courses

These workshops focused on global and cross-cultural approaches to teaching the humanities and guided faculty through the process of internationalizing a humanities course that they taught.  The session series was supplemented and enriched by stimulating guest speakers, readings, and discussions related to the interdisciplinary and global aspects of the humanities.

Creating Learning Communities

In the Learning Community Fellowship of the Global Humanities Institute, faculty partners integrated and internationalized a pair of courses in order for students to study a current or enduring “big question” of interdisciplinary humanities.  Fellows were guided in selecting a compelling theme for the learning community and identifying global and cross-cultural approaches to examining it.

Internationalizing Curricula through Seminars Abroad

The Global Humanities Institute provided faculty and selected staff with opportunities to gain first-hand international educational experience thanks to our partnerships with universities abroad.  This travel was supported in part by a “Bridging Cultures” grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Montgomery College Foundation. Travelers sponsored by the GHI agreed to disseminate the new knowledge gained during their trips by creating new assignments, new course content, as well as conference presentations, and additional research on topics relevant to the global humanities.

2015–16 Fellows

Stand Alone Course Fellows

  • Joseph Couch, English
  • Patricia Ruppert, Philosophy
  • Margaret Harris, English
  • Jean Freedman, History and Political Science 
  • Vincent Intondi, History
  • Miriam Simon, English 
  • Michelle Sweeney, English
  • Karl Smith, History
  • M Bess Vincent, Sociology 
2014–15 Fellows

Learning Community Fellows

  • "Deconstructing Islamophobia: Critical Reading and Writing the Hype and the Stereotype"
    Cinder Cooper Barnes, English
    Hind Essayegh, Arabic

  • "Imagining Peace"
    Tulin Levitas, Philosophy
    Efstathia Siegel, English

  • "Dangerous Drama: How Theatre Changes the World"
    KenYatta Rogers, Theater
    Rachael Wilson, English

  • “'Fight Like a Woman': Women Confronting Violence Across the Americas"
    Leah Sneider, English
    Lucinda Grinnell, Women’s Studies   

Stand Alone Course Fellows

  • Diane Chapin, English 
    ENGL 122 (Introduction to Mythology): "Discovering Footprints of the Past"

  • Christina Devlin, English
    ENGL 190 (Introduction to Literature): “Creating a Wondrous Life: Introduction to Literature in a Global and Multicultural Context”

  • Swift Stiles Dickison, English
    ENGL 102 (Critical Reading, Writing, and Research): "Postcolonial Preponderances: Critical Reading, Writing, and Research in a Globalizing Context"

  • Ilona Flores, Anthropology
    ANTH 201 (Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology): "Expressive Culture: Changing Value and Interpretation"

  • Trienne Glover, English
    ENGL 102: “Democracy: An Experiment at Governance”

  • Jill  Kronstadt, English
    ENGL 102: "Changing the Conversation on Climate Change, via the Amazon Rainforest"

  • Greg Malveaux, English/Study Abroad
    ENGL 227 (Survey of African American Literature): “Themes of Social injustice, Legalized Discrimination, Racial Profiling, and the Struggle for Civil Equality in African American Literary Works—Shots Heard Around the World”

  • Benedict Ngala, Sociology
    SOCY 105 (Social Problems and Issues): “Ethnic Conflict: The Case of Rwandan Genocide in 1994”

  • Vidya Vijayasekharan, Art History
    ARTT 265 (Architectural History): "World Architecture: Cross-pollination Across Time"

  • Michael Zito, English
    ENGL 102: "Critical Reading, Writing, and Research for World Citizenship"
2013–14 Fellows  

Learning Community Fellows

  • Geoffrey Batchelder, Philosophy
  • Marian Graham, English/Political Science
  • Deborah Taylor, English
  • Terence Johnson, History
  • Tara Tetrault, Women's Studies
  • Sahar Sattarzadeh, Sociology

Stand Alone Course Fellows

  • James Furgol, History
  • Kelly Rudin, History
  • Robert Giron, English/AELP
  • Alonzo Smith, History/Political Science
  • Valerie Tanner, World Languages, Philosophy 
  • Aida Martinovic-Zic, Reading, ESL and Linguistics
  • Ian March, English/Creative Writing
  • Takiko Mori-Saunders, Sociology
  • Carla Isabel Naranjo, World Languages
  • Joan Naake, English 

2016 Grantees

  • Professor Satarupa Das
    Economics, TP/SS
    Research subject: "Technological Innovations and Patent Institutions in Britain and U.S.—some Global Connections in Cotton"

2014 Grantees

  • Professor Jean Freedman 
    History; Women's Studies, Rockville
    Research subject: "Peggy Seeger: Music and Global Human Rights"

  • Professor Elizabeth Huergo 
    English, Rockville
    Research subject: "Latina/o Literatures in the US"

  • Professor Alejandro Leopardi 
    English, Germantown
    Research subject: "Latin American Literature: Focus and Exploration on a Vital Sector in Literature"

  • Professor Meryl Shapiro 
    Performing Arts, TP/SS
    Research subject: "If Rhythm of Music and Human Motions Can Be Rooted Back to the Heartbeat, Why do Diverse Cultures Create and Evolve Rhythms Differently"


  • Anne Pulju, English, Germantown
  • Cinder Cooper, English, Takoma Park Silver Spring
  • Effie Siegel, English, Rockville
  • Jorinde van de Berg, Linguistics, Germantown
  • Leah Sneider, Humanities, Rockville
  • Lucinda Grinnell, Women’s Studies, Rockville
  • Maisha Duncan, GHI Librarian, Germantown
  • Marcia Bronstein, English, Takoma Park Silver Spring
  • Matthew Decker, Art Humanities and Social Science, Takoma Park Silver Spring
  • Miriam Simon, English, Takoma Park Silver Spring
  • Nancy Nyland, GHI Librarian, Germantown
  • Terence Johnson, History, Takoma Park Silver Spring
  • Tulin Levitas, Philosophy, Rockville
  • Amma Appiah, Administrative Aide, GHI
  • Carolyn Terry, Associate VP for Academic Affairs
  • Rita Kranidis

El Salvador

  • Marcia Bronstein, Learning Communities and GHI Global Classrooms
  • Chris Cusic, Media Support, Germantown
  • Rupa Das, Economics and GHI Summer Grant Fellow, Takoma Park
  • Josephina Estrada, Spanish, Germantown
  • Evelyn Gonzalez-Mills, Counseling and Humanities Days, Takoma Park
  • Sarah Jorgensen, Art [Central American Art History], Rockville
  • Allyson Lima, Spanish, Germantown
  • Shelley Jones, Spanish, Humanities Days and GHI Global Classrooms, Takoma Park
  • Joan Naake, English, GHUM101 Instructor, Germantown
  • Carla Naranjo, Spanish, Humanities Days, and GHI Global Classrooms, Germantown
  • Ellen Olmstead, English, Summer Grant Fellow and Global Classrooms, Takoma Park
  • Karl Smith, History and GHI Faculty Fellow, Takoma Park
  • Deborah Taylor, English, GHI Faculty Fellow, and GHUM101 Instructor, Takoma Park
  • Marlon Vallejo, International Student Advisor and GHI Affiliate, Rockville
  • Usha Venkatesh, AELP and Seminars Abroad Support, Rockville
  • Rita Kranidis, GHI Director


  • Marlon Vallejo, International Student Coordinator, Rockville
  • Jennifer Haydel, Political Science, Germantown
  • Dan Jenkins, Philosophy, TP/SS
  • Pat Ruppert, Philosophy, Rockville
  • Joan Naake, English, Global Humanities and Honors, Germantown
  • Swift Dickison, English, Rockville
  • Robert Giron, AELP and English, TP/SS
  • Ken Jassie, Art History, Rockville
  • Vidya Vijayasekharan, Art History, Rockville
  • Rita Kranidis, English, GHI Director, TP/SS
  • Esther Schwartz-McKinzie, English and Women’s and Gender Studies, TP/SS
  • Takiko Mori-Saunders,Sociology, TP/SS
  • Eniola Olowofoyeku, Asst. International Student Coordinator, TP/SS
  • Jamie Gillan, English, Rockville
  • Maisha Duncan, Librarian, Germantown