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ESL Classes

Montgomery College offers pre-academic ESL classes, general communication classes, and occupational ESL classes. 

Check the ESL home page for the most up to date schedule information, registration guidelines, and books. Visit ESL home page.

Pre-Academic ESL
In these classes you will work on reading, writing, and grammar skills. You will build your grammar foundation, learn reading strategies, build vocabulary, develop ideas in writing, and learn to edit your work. You will also learn about American academic culture.

You should take classes in this track if you—
  • Want to take credit classes in the future; or
  • Want to improve your job prospects; or
  • Want to work on your reading and writing skills for your job.

Pre-Academic ESL Courses

  • Reading and Writing 1
  • Reading and Writing 2
  • Writing  3
  • Reading and Writing 3
  • Writing Workshop
  • Writing 4
  • Writing 5
  • Reading and Writing 4
  • Reading and Writing 5
  • TOEFL Preparation
General Communication
In these classes you will work on the ability to communicate in everyday, social, academic, and professional situations within American culture. You will build fluency in speech and listening comprehension. You will develop vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

You should take classes in this track if you—
  • Need to improve your verbal skills to support your academic goals; or
  • Are not planning on taking credit classes in the future, but want to improve listening and
    speaking skills in English.
General Communication Courses
  • Communication Skills 1
  • Communication Skills 2
  • Communication Skills 3
  • Communication Skills 4
  • Communication Skills 5
  • Conversation Workshop
  • Pronunciation 
  • Discussing Issues


Occupational ESL Classes
  • Communication Skills for Professionals
  • ESL for Healthcare
  • Pronunciation for Professionals
  • Writing for Professionals