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ESL Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never studied English and cannot speak or write at all, you should first take Adult ESOL classes at Montgomery College.
No. If you show up on the published day at the time of the test, we will test you as long as we have enough room. We will test on a first come-first served basis, so it is a good idea to arrive a bit early.
The test has four parts: grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.
No. You will come back for an appointment with a counselor who will give you your test results as well as an oral interview. We will also discuss options for classes with you. You should bring your visa information and payment to the counseling appointment if you would like to register for a class at that time.
You can contact the APPE (ESL) Placement Office. Depending on the time frame, we will either test you individually or advise you to come for the next testing dates.
They are valid for two years. However, if you think your English language level has changed, you should discuss this with a counselor.
No. The ESLA test is only for placement into the APPE (ESL) program in WDCE. The ESL Accuplacer is for placement into the American English Language Program (AELP).
No. You can bring your results to the APPE placement office, and we will help you.
You should register two weeks before classes start so that you get the class you want.
There is no simple answer to this question. The answer depends on your English language background and your personal goals.
No. Unfortunately, you cannot use financial aid to pay for our program.