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Veterinary Assistant

A veterinarian and a veterinarian assistant examining a dog.

The Veterinary Assistant Training is a comprehensive program that consists of four modules totaling 150-hours of training starting in September each year, for those that enter the program. Students will also complete an internship as a part of the program.

Courses/modules must be taken in the correct sequence.

Students interested in joining the Veterinary Assistant Program must follow these steps in order to join and complete the program.


1. Complete Vet Assessment Exam - Required

Interested Students must register and pay for an upcoming exam date.

In order to attend orientation, interested students must register for and complete the assessment exam. Questions will assess reading comprehension and math.


The Vet Assessment Exam will be available during the Summer 2024 semester for the Fall 2024 Veterinary Assistant Training cohort. Assessment dates will be posted by April 2024.

2. Attend Mandatory Orientation

Students that pass the assessment will be able to register for the free mandatory orientation.

To attend the mandatory orientation session, you must have already completed the required assessment exam for the veterinary assistant program.

This session reviews all aspects of the Veterinary Assistant Program  including but not limited to: schedule, expectations, student and faculty responsibilities, registration and payment, and an overview of the internship process. After the orientation session, students would receive a ticket to register for Module One of the Veterinary Assistant Program.


The next orientation sessions will be in August 2024. Dates will be posted in Summer 2024.

3. Register and Attend Modules of the Program

Students need approval from the program in order to register.

Students can only register for one module at a time. After orientation, students receive a registration ticket to register for the first module in the program. Students in orientation are told what date to come in-person to register for the first module.

Only students with registration tickets will be eligible to register for the first module.

For each subsequent module (2-4), students eligible to move on to the next course will receive an email from a member of the program with directions for moving forward.

Students will complete four modules in the required order:

  1. Veterinary Assistant Training I: Outpatient Care
  2. Veterinary Assistant Training II: Diagnostic and Pharmacy
  3. Veterinary Assistant Training III: Patient Care and Treatment
  4. Veterinary Assistant Training IV

This program training includes 96 classroom hours and 54 internship hours. The program begins in September and ends approximately in May.

4. Complete an Internship

Students get hands-on experience during the spring semester.

Students work with our internship coordinator to find a placement at an internship in a local veterinary office or clinic. Details about this process are discussed in the orientation session.

The 54 internship hours a student completes are in addition to the 96 classroom hours, and are completed during the spring semester.