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Nonprofit Training Institute

A group of participants from the 2023 Nonprofit Conference.

The Nonprofit Leadership Institute at Montgomery College's mission is to inspire our students to make a difference in the community. We strive to enhance your skills within the functions of nonprofit organizations and bring together the resources and tools organizations can take advantage of.

We offer a growing mix of courses and events designed to enhance the skills of experienced and new nonprofit professionals. Individual courses are tailored to specific topic but are open to all students with all levels of experience and we encourage you to expand your network. Keep the conversation going before, during and after your courses: Follow us on Instagramnew window and Facebooknew window.



Upcoming Class Schedule

NEW Professional Development Class Coming Fall 2024

Our team has been hard at work to create new professional development classes that discuss different functional areas that are important to nonprofit organizations. These classes will help you hone your understanding even further about these functional areas and will be a great opportunity for new organizational staff members and experienced professionals.

Our first new class on will arrive this fall. Registration information will be available by mid-July. Get information emailed to you by joining our newsletternew window.


Nonprofit Resources

Montgomery College Contributor Articles

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Registration Information

Our noncredit courses are open enrollment and available to students on a first come, first serve basis. Registration is open until the class start date or the class is at full capacity. Some courses or programs require program approval or have required prerequisites. Students attempting to register online must login to their MyMC Student Account to register for the classes in the program.  Payment is due at the time of registration.

Ways to Register:

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Additional Nonprofit Resources and Previous Newsletters
General Resources

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