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Nonprofit Institute Events

Nonprofit Institute Events

Nonprofit Event Coming Fall 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we are hard at work on a brand-new event format, designed to deliver timely and impactful discussions about the nonprofit sector. Stay tuned for more details coming this summer. We can't wait to share what we have in store!

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Previous Nonprofit Institute Events

Our team was proud to launch a new Montgomery College event series for the nonprofit sector in Fall 2023. We appreciate the support the community continues to provide us and we look forward to more opportunities.

Inaugural Nonprofit Conference - September 14, 2023

Building Nonprofit Infrastructure to Strengthen Community Services

Keynote Speaker, Dr. George L. Askew
Panelists Crystal Townsend and Maryland Senator, Cheryl Kagan (D-17)
Maryland Senator Craig Zucker (D-14)


Keynote Speaker: George L. Askew, MD

Funding Priorities Panel:

  • Maryland Sen. Cheryl C. Kagan (D-17)
  • Rafael Murphy
  • Crystal Townsend

Breakout Presentations by:

  • Lewis Flax
  • Jacquelyn Lendsey
  • Tina Patterson
  • Justin Pollock
  • Jasmine White
  • Maryland Sen. Craig J. Zucker (D-14)

Reception Presentation: Dr. Sonya J. Bruton