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Nonprofit Leadership Boot Camp

Nonprofit Boot Camp students gathered for a picture.

Montgomery College’s Nonprofit Leadership Boot Camp develops the competency of emerging leaders striving to create beneficial change. This boot camp equips participants with foundational leadership frameworks, skills, and strategies while providing them the space to apply that learning to their organizational and personal lives. 

Our experiences with a global pandemic and broad-scale social movements have amplified the need to deeply understand what it takes to create change and design organizational structures that have efficacy and can effectively adapt to rapidly, and at times dramatically, changing environments. This program introduces frameworks for outcomes-oriented planning and decision making that are used to explore the different management domains of governance, programming, finance, human resources, communications, and engagement, helping participants contribute to effective organizations and beneficial community change.

This program is only offered during the spring semester.

2023 Nonprofit Leadership Boot Camp CLOSED.

Pre-Approval and registration are closed. We are no longer accepting applications.


Pre-Approval Process

Pre-approval for the 2023 Montgomery College Nonprofit Leadership Boot Camp is CLOSED.


2023 Boot Camp Topics

Participants are expected to attend all sessions and may have to complete work outside of the scheduled program hours.

  • Leadership Capacity
  • Creating Change
  • Bringing out the Best in People
  • Working with Teams and Groups
  • Authentic Engagement
  • Organizational Design Capacity
  • Organizational Culture & Strategy
  • Developing Program Capacity
  • Infrastructure & Internal Systems Design
  • Fiduciary & Financial Capacity
  • Board of Directors as an Assets
  • Presentation Skills


Program Facilitator, Justin Pollock
Program facilitator, Justin Pollock

Justin is founder of Orgforward, a consultancy that partners with individuals and agencies to develop leadership and strategies that create communities where equity, dignity, engagement, and a healthy environment exist for everyone.

His focus is supporting leadership with what is needed to effectively design and operate organizations that actively and consciously make the world a better place. Justin is an active educator, coach, writer, and strategist with more than 25 years of experience in the community benefit field. Core to the values of Justin’s work is considering every engagement an opportunity to partner with others to learn, engage, and feel confident about how we can create benefit for the people and environment around us.


Note: Nonprofit organizations conducting business in Maryland can send their employee(s), who reside in D.C. or Virginia to this program and pay In-State tuition. The organization must fill out a Business and Industry form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) for those out-of-state employees and return it with the course registration form.