Youth Online Payment Instructions

Due to increased credit card security measures, parents must now make online credit card payments through Montgomery College's secure MYMC portal. 

Step One: Register your child for classes.

Step Two: You will receive an email from Youth Programs with Payment Instructions.

Please allow up to three days for the Youth Program to review your registration form for completeness. Once verified, the parent will receive an email from Youth Programs confirming the classes that their child is registered for, and the amount due. Included in this email is the child's MC ID Number (also known as the "M" Number) which you will need to be able to access MYMC.

Step Three: How to Access  MY MC 

Access MYMC here, or click on the Access MYMC button on the top right of the web page. 

To assist you we have provided Printable Instructions (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) for how to Claim your MYMC Account, and paying online through MYMC.

Returning Students: Access MYMC new windowand sign in with the username and password that they created last year. If you do not remember the information that you created last year, you may call the IT helpdesk at 240-567-7222 for assistance.

New Students: Access MYMC. Once in MYMC,  click on the link below the two large white boxes that says "Claim Your Account". This will take you through the steps to claim your account. You will create three security questions should you need assistance later. And you will create a MYMC Password for your child. You will need to do this for EACH child. Write ALL of this information down. The MYMC printable instructions (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  have a section that you may use to retain all the information that you created.

MYMC Account information for my child:

You will need to create a MYMC user name and password for EACH child. Write this down, you will need it for future reference.

1.       Name of child:_______________________________________________________

2.       Child’s “M” number (included in the confirmation) :_____________________________________________

3.       Child’s MYMC Id, sometimes called Username: _______________________________________________

4.       Answers to security questions: 1._____________2. ____________________3._______________________

5.       Child’s MYMC Password: ______________________________________________

Step 4: How to pay online through MYMC

You will need to sign into MYMC with your child’s MYMC Username and Password. Click on the link to Pay My Bill/ Manage My Account. Under the section called Paying Your Bill, click on the button “Pay My Bill”. You will then be directed to a screen which indicates the amount owed. Follow the instructions to enter your credit card information.

If you cannot remember your child's MYMC user name and password, contact the IT Service Desk at 240-567-7222. Your Child's "M" number is included in your email or letter from the Youth Program.