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Gateway Math and English Courses

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Gateway Math and English Help Ensure Academic Success

MC students are generally more successful when they take the required math and English courses, what the College calls “gateway courses,” in their first year. They earn better grades and have greater success at attaining their education goals, such as earning an associate’s degree or transferring to a four-year college/university. In fact, 87 percent of new students who complete gateway math and English classes in their first year at MC return the next year!

What Students Are Saying

English 101 gave me the early experience and confidence boost I needed. - Daniel Heffron, MC Student
Taking English 101 absolutely helped me to become a better writer and to write more meaningful papers. I am very glad I took this class in my first semester at MC because I truly feel it prepared me with the crucial skills needed for all the writing in my current classes. - Claire Hamilton, MC Student
English 101 was the perfect introduction to the rigorous yet rewarding world of college classes. While it's no piece of cake, the satisfaction and reward from completing it sure remind me of one. - Paul Beltran, MC Student
English 101 demonstrated the importance of linguistic strategies and critical thinking skills through challenging yet creative assignments, which I believe ultimately prepared me for a successful college experience. The course introduced the key complexities of writing and communication that helped with assignments in my other courses as well as duties outside of the classroom. - Marilyn Ortega, MC Student
English 101 taught me how to effectively create outlines which resulted in stronger essays. It also taught me the importance of time management that will help me successfully complete my degree. - Da'Nausha R. Hall, MC Student

MC requires students to complete gateway math and English to earn an associate’s degree. Taking them in your first year is an easy way to start off right. You should take one math and one English course from these gateway courses:

Find out which math course is right for you. Contact your academics advisor or your counselor.

And don’t be nervous about taking MC’s gateway math and English courses. Your professors and advisors are dedicated to your success, plus, you will have access to no-cost tutoring and other support services that help you every step of the way.

Taking the required gateway math and English courses in your first year or, better yet, your first semester, is a great way to help ensure academic success at MC. Please contact your advisor or the math and English departments for more information.

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What People are Saying
We've endeavored to design a mathematics curriculum that meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go. With features like corequisite support classes and embedded coaching, it is now easier than ever before to be successful in a gateway math course. Take your math class early in your first year. You'll be glad you did. 
Milton Nash
Milton Nash, Dean of Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science