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Current Students

In addition to academic coaching services at no cost, students who are enrolled at MC and actively meeting with their Academic Coach have access to other benefits, including:

Academic Supplies

Limited academic supplies such as academic calculators, writing utensils, planners, notebooks, and other academic supplies are available each term. Contact your embedded or personal Academic Coach or stop by an ATPA Office for more information.

Conferences and Events

Students active in ATPA are regularly sponsored to attend conferences and events such as:

  • Annual Student Retreat (fall)
  • Circle of Change First-Generation Leadership Conferences (fall and spring)
  • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute (fall)
  • Maryland Male Students of Color Summit (fall)
  • Montgomery County Women's Legislative Briefing (winter)
  • Annual End-of-Year Celebration (spring)
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Loaner Laptops

Students who are currently enrolled and active with a personal Academic Coach will receive an invitation to request a loaner laptop at the beginning of each semester. Supplies are limited. Laptops are awarded in the order in which the applications are received. Loaner laptops are not available for students in embedded support courses at this time.

After your ATPA status is verified and if laptops are still available, you’ll receive confirmation and available times and locations to pick up your laptop. If you do not return the laptop when requested at the end of the semester, it will be charged to your MC account.

You can request a laptop at any time during the semester, while supplies last! If you need access to the laptop request form, contact

NOTE: Your eligibility to receive a laptop loaner and to keep it depends on your active participation in the Achieving the Promise Academy. To fulfill program requirements, you must meet with your personal Academic Coach regularly, attend required workshops, and satisfy other requirements in your personalized academic success plan for the semester. 

Tuition and Book Voucher Assistance for Current ATPA Students

Tuition Assistance program overview (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) .

Students enrolled in personal Academic Coaching can request tuition assistance if:

  1. They have completed one semester of personal Academic Coaching in the most recent fall or spring term.
  2. They have satisfied all program requirements including meeting with their coach as agreed upon, attending at least 2 workshops per semester (fall and spring), completing one Building Blocks Workshop since becoming an ATPA student.
  3. They have received grades of C, B, or A in each of their classes in the previous semester. Grades of D, F, W, or U, disqualify a student from consideration for tuition assistance. If a course was dropped or a grade of W was received, they must have been granted a refund on appeal. If a WC or IC was received, this does not affect eligibility.

Tuition assistance awards are based on eligibility for financial aid at MC, financial need, and availability of funds. To remain eligible for future tuition assistance from ATPA, students must maintain the above mentioned requirements during the semester in which they receive a tuition assistance award from the ATPA. Students must be registered for their course(s) prior to submitting their tuition assistance request unless they are majoring in nursing or other program that does not allow students to register until their grades are posted. In this case, students should fill in the courses they intend to take. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.

Note: Students already holding degrees (BA, BS, BAS, MA, MS, or terminal degrees) who are taking pre-req classes at MC are not eligible for ATPA financial assistance.

For questions or assistance, please review the Tuition Assistance and Book Voucher Assistance Handout for Current ATPA Students with your ATPA Coach or contact