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Resources for ATPA Coaches

Current academic coaches are encouraged to connect with their relevant ATPA program coordinator, Coach2Coach support, or department chair for additional resources and support.

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Embedded Coaching

Personal Academic Coaching

Drop-in Coaching

  • Tracking Support with Session Logs and Post-Session Coaching Assessments

Student Onboarding

  • Tracking New Student Onboarding with Session Logs

For additional training materials, please visit the Blackboard Coaches Corner. 

To request support with using Accudemia as a coach, please contact or schedule a support session with ATPAnew window.

ATPA offers several opportunities for coaches (and all MC employees) to develop their coaching skills, including:

  • pre-semester Coaches Institutes
  • monthly Coaching Community Seminars
  • self-paced trainings in MC Learns
  • a Culturally-Responsive Coaching Micro-Credential (Coming Soon in 2024!)

To learn more, check out the MC events calendar or contact the Operations and Training Coordinator for more information.

Personal Academic Coaching Coach2Coach Mentors

Embedded Coaching Specialists

Don't see your discipline? Contact the Embedded Support Coordinator for more support.