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Student Emergency Funding Request

Greetings, students! We are glad you found our webpage on emergency funding and we want to help you. Please read this carefully.

The Montgomery College Foundation office will accept requests for emergency assistance on a case-by-case basis and will review them as funds become available.

You must be registered for the current semester in order to be eligible for emergency assistance from the Foundation. If you are registered for a future semester, you can apply for assistance after that semester has started.

  • Emergency assistance program funds are dedicated to providing one-time, immediate assistance to students facing an unforeseen hardship, who have exceptional need, and are unable to complete their current semester.
  • A statement from an advocate is a requirement for emergency assistance from the Foundation. An advocate would be a faculty member, counselor, or academic advisor, department chair, dean or campus provost. Administrators may also serve as advocates. It is best that you speak with your advocate before you submit your paperwork, so that they know how best to assist you through the process.
  • After you complete the emergency request form, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt. Thank you for your patience as we review your request.  Generally, responses to applications are received within one week. Additional assistance through the Montgomery College Wellness Center and Montgomery County can be found at the links below. You are required to review all of  the FAQs.
Apply for Student Emergency Funding