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Student Emergency Funding Request

Foundation and College funds dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic have been exhausted. We are now taking requests for emergency assistance on a case by case basis and will review them as funds are available. If you need assistance with tuition and fees, please fill out the Foundation scholarship applicationnew window. If you need emergency assistance due to a hardship, please continue with this form. Additional funding for eligible students is available through the CARES Actnew window.

After you complete this form, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt, along with a link to other support services in our college and in our community. Please take the time to review this information.

Thank you for your patience as we review multiple requests. Please take time to go through the FAQs below.

What kind of assistance can Montgomery College and the Montgomery College Foundation provide me?


If a student:

  • does not have a laptop for on-line school work,
  • cannot afford one on his/her own,
  • has verification from a college advocate,
  • shares information about specific need,

We are providing vouchers for a laptop purchase. There is a limited amount of funding for this and the demand is extremely high. We will do all we can to assist, but we ask that students use discretion in asking for these funds unless it is necessary. Students who are not eligible for FAFSA will be given first consideration for this type of assistance. We will try to accommodate as many students as we can.

Grocery Gift Cards

We are typically giving a one-time $50 grocery gift card to those with verified need, along with information about community resources.

Tuition & Scholarships

Students seeking assistance with tuition and fees should complete the foundation scholarship application and should file FAFSA if they haven’t already. Emergency funds are dedicated to providing one-time assistance to students suffering hardships.

Rent assistance and some monetary aid

In rare cases, we are also able to assist students with other forms of emergency funding, but this always depends on demonstrated need and the availability of donor funds.

How do I apply for assistance?

The student should complete the online request form.

What supporting documentation do I need?

In order to receive assistance, each student should have an advocate (e.g. faculty, staff, administrator, college partner representative) – someone who knows you and your situation and can advocate for you. It is helpful if you have a FAFSA on file. If not, the student must provide a more detailed explanation of the situation and the need.

What kind of information does the Advocate need to provide and who should I send it to? 

Upon completion of the form, your Advocate will receive an automatic email with further instructions. Your Advocate then submits the request in writing, with a copy to the appropriate Dean for consideration. The faculty, staff and counselors have all received instructions on what needs to be included.

What will the decision be based on?

Each case is taken on its own merits and a judgment call is made by Montgomery College Foundation after very careful review of all the information presented.

If the student has a FAFSA on file, that helps us tremendously in determining need. If the student was not eligible for aid through FAFSA, or does not have one on file, this is not a deal breaker. Again, we are reviewing the entire case: the student’s statement, the advocate’s support, the need assessment if available, along with our best judgment.

How long does it take for the decision to be made?

The foundation will try to make the decision as soon as possible. We are literally getting hundreds of requests and are processing as quickly as possible. Response time will vary based on your request.

How do I obtain a laptop to use for remote learning?

If approved for technology assistance (e.g., laptops/smart devices) the Foundation will provide vouchers through the Follett bookstores. Students will be notified by email when a voucher has been approved. Students will work directly with Follett to place their order. The technology will be shipped directly to the student.

I understand that I will receive a voucher to use for the purchase of a laptop. If the laptop is very expensive or more than what the voucher amount is, can I order anything that is not a computer?

If approved, the voucher you will receive is a one-time voucher for the use to purchase technology from our Bookstore vendor. It is your discretion what technology you choose to purchase for your remote learning. Remember that you may only request technology once, so be sure you are choosing wisely.

Am I able to access internet through the College or will you help me pay for internet service?

In response to COVID-19 developments, some internet providers are offering free servicesnew window to low-income families and households with students. 

How do I obtain food assistance?

Approved food assistance requests will be provided through grocery store gift cards through the Montgomery College Foundation. Students will be given instructions on how to acquire the gift cards by the Foundation staff.

Will I have to pay the funds back or return the laptop once we are able to return to classes on campus?

These are not loaner laptops or loans of money. If you qualify, you will not need to pay this back. However, as always, we hope you will “pay it forward” and help others in need when you are able.

The College and the Foundation remain dedicated to helping you pursue and obtain your educational goals. We will get through this together.