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Giving Ideas

Where Your Gift Goes

Thank you for your interest in sharing the gift of education with Montgomery College students. Whether you choose to support an individual academic program or students with specific needs, your gift makes a difference. Unrestricted gifts provide maximum flexibility to distribute funds as needed. Donors of $25,000 or more may name an endowed or current use scholarship fund. All gifts, large or small, are greatly appreciated.

Priorities Include: 

  • General Scholarships are awarded to students based on need each academic year. Scholarships averaged about $1,300 in the 2019-2020 academic year with a minimum award of $500.  Approximately 4,700 applications were received by the Foundation and over 2,300 awards were made. 
  • Presidential Scholars will be open to students of all backgrounds who are committed to increasing the college completion rates of African American men and to increasing the representation of African American men in high workforce need areas. The program will provide financial aid support, academic support, student support services, and internal and external mentors to students who reflect its stated commitment and program goals.
  • Dreamers Scholarship, which assists high-achieving graduates of Montgomery County Public Schools who came to this country with their families as children and who are undocumented immigrants through no fault of their own.
  • Workforce Development and Continuing Education (WDCE) Scholarships are designed for students pursuing career path courses with the intention to obtain entry-level employment.
  • Athletic Scholarships - as a member of National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Division I sports may grant full athletic scholarships (tuition, books, fees, room and board), up to $250 in course required supplies and transportation costs one time per academic year, to and from the college by direct route.
  • Other Scholarshipsnew window - as a donor, your gift can go to any existing program or area of support that you wish to support.  If you know of an existing scholarship you would like to support, just type the name in the field provided on the giving page. If you have further questions please contact Colleen Dolak, annual fund manager at 240-567-7490 or by email.
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Ways your gift can help

Montgomery College Fund

When you contribute to the Montgomery College Fund, the most flexible distribution fund, your gift goes directly to current students when it is needed most.  Your gift will be pooled with others to provide financial aid for tuition, plus a range of other ongoing needs, including up-to-date technology, library resources, career counseling, academic and program support, and more.  

Even with Montgomery College's low tuition, as compared to state and private universities, many students struggle to meet their financial obligations. Half of all credit students work 20 hours or more per week. Many students support their families while enrolled. Your gift to the Montgomery College Fund helps students in need throughout the year.  Here are just a few examples of how these funds are distributed:

For Students with Disabilities: Instead of using traditional study tools, blind students take MP3 recorders/players, purchased with unrestricted gift funds, to record lectures they can later review at home. Gifts have provided mental health services for students coping with issues of loss or tragedy. 

To Secure Credentials: Part-time faculty were able to pursue required certifications that enhance the College's national accreditation in two health sciences programs. Overall, this strengthens the program for students in the area seeking affordable, high-quality education and career training.

For Basic Necessities: After paying tuition and fees, many students cannot afford books and materials, which can run into the hundreds of dollars. Your gifts to the Foundation provide book scholarships, art supplies, and other educational materials to students with significant financial aid need.

For Emergencies: Recently, a student lost her computer, books, and nursing uniform in a house fire. The MC Foundation was able to replace those items through use of unrestricted gifts and a student assistance fund. The assistance allowed her to stay in school. Annual gifts also provide emergency scholarships to students whose parents have lost jobs or experienced other family traumas.


Contribute to the general scholarship fund or one of the 400+ existing scholarships within the Montgomery College Foundation. Or start your own scholarship fund with a gift of $25,000 or more, perhaps in honor or in memory of a friend or family member.

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