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Crowdfunding at MC

Crowdfunding Overview

Crowdfunding is an internet-based social fundraising effort in which an individual or group of individuals solicit general public for donations to support a project or initiative. Montgomery College uses the Mobile Cause platform that utilizes a few features to engage donors: text-to-donate, recurring donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities.

Crowdfunding Tips

  1. Decide how much money you need to raise.
  2. Promote your Campaign.
  3. Set Deadline for your Campaign.
  4. Create Compelling Pitch.

Sample Messages

General Crowdfunding Email

Dear [recipient’s preferred name],

I hope that you’re doing well! [Insert a relevant or personal anecdote].

As you may have heard, I’m raising money for [cause, project, event, etc.], and I could really use your help. I’ve already raised [amount], but I’m trying to make it to [amount] by [deadline/date].

Even a small donation would help me reach my goal. I plan to use the money to [list out goals in as much detail as possible].

You can make a donation on my crowdfunding campaign page by clicking here [insert URL to campaign page]. Feel free to share my campaign on Facebook and X, too!

Thank you in advance for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions about my campaign, my goal, or [your cause, project, event, etc.].

Sincerely/Much love/Best/etc.,

[Your name]


Time Sensitive Crowdfunding Email

Dear [recipient’s preferred name],

[Your campaign’s end date] is almost here! Do you know what that means? It means that I only have [number] of days left to raise [amount] for [cause, project, event, etc.].

Would you consider giving a donation of ($) [or other small amount] to help me reach my goal? A ($) donation could [list out goals in as much detail as possible].

You can easily make a donation here, on my crowdfunding campaign page [insert URL].

I would also appreciate it if you would share my crowdfunding campaign page on Facebook and X to help me reach more people.

I couldn’t have raised as much as I already have without the help of people like you. Please join me and make a donation by [deadline] to help me [fix problem, accomplish goal, etc.].

Thank you in advance for your support.

Sincerely/Much love/Best/etc.,

[Your name]

Tips and Advice for Best Practices

Research and Prepare
  • The most successful crowdfunding campaign organizers take an average of 11 days to research and prepare for their campaign’s launch.
  • Share sample messaging in advance (see above).
  • Decide whether an event would be appropriate for your campaign.

Ask for donations EARLY

  • The earlier you promote your crowdfunding campaign, the more likely it is that you’ll reach (or even exceed!) your fundraising goal.
  • Ask for recurring donations because those tiny monthly gifts add up to make a large impact.

Ask the right people for donations

  • Try your best to analyze whether someone would be receptive to giving to your crowdfunding campaign.
Be specific about where the money is going
  • Try to separate donations out into giving levels that delineate exactly what each amount will help you accomplish.

  • Establish transparency with your donors by being clear about where funds are being allocated.

If interested in crowdfunding, please submit the Crowdfunding Approval Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)

download adobe pdf
Fillable PDF forms may not be accessible via your web browser and may require downloading before they can be completed.

Crowdfunding Examples