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Achieving the Promise Academy

Achieve Your Academic Goals

At Montgomery College, your academic success and achievement of your goals is important to us. The Achieving the Promise Academy is a collegewide program that provides academic support for students through embedded classroom support and one-on-one individualized academic coaching. 

Any student at MC who registers for a course that offers ATPA embedded support will receive targeted coaching in relevant coursework for the semester. Courses that offer ATPA embedded support are identified in the course schedule. 

If you also desire more holistic, individualized academic coaching every semester for all your courses, and other areas of need, you can apply for one-on-one academic coaching. During your time at MC, your one-on-one academic coach will help you stay on track to complete your program of study successfully—and graduate on time.

No matter where you are on your academic journey, ATPA supports your success while at MC. When you register for an MC course with ATPA embedded support and receive one-on-one academic coaching, you will gain the tools you need to excel at MC. View the ATPA Flyer (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

You Can Have an Academic Coach! Learn How!

ATPA Testimonials

ATPA Videos
ATPA Videos

Learn more about ATPA and hear from MC students about their experience with the academy. Watch ATPA Videos.

 Prospective Students 

Eligibility requirements, and application and admission information

 Apply for One-on-One Academic Coaching

  1. If you are registered for MC classes, in need of academic support, and committed to graduating, you may apply for a one-on-one coach any time during the year. Get started now!
  2. Apply through the online application. After we receive and review your application, you will receive a decision notification email. This can take two to five business days.
  3. When you receive the decision notification email, click the link to enroll in the ATPA one-on-one coaching service. After you enroll, we will contact you within two to five business days to schedule your interview and intake with an ATPA coordinator.

When you meet with an ATPA coordinator, you will complete your assessment during intake and learn about your new coach.


Students who apply for one-on-one academic coaching are accepted to the academy on a rolling basis and may apply for an ATPA coach at any point during the academic year. The admissions process typically takes two to four weeks before the initial meeting with a coach. Applications must be received with sufficient time for review and interview/intake of the candidate prior to being assigned a coach. Students will be contacted through their Montgomery College email and phone numbers provided on their application. Applicants should monitor their MC email and voice messages upon applying to ATPA.

If you're ready to commit to your academic success and degree completion at MC, this program is for you! Complete the online applicationnew window.

The mission of the Achieving the Promise Academy (ATPA) is to prepare underrepresented and underserved students for academic success in college and beyond. The ATPA is a collegewide academic program with offices at the Germantown, Rockville, and Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campuses.


  • Student Terms of Agreement (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) - As a participant in the Achieving the Promise Academy (ATPA), you will receive extraordinary services and participate in scholarly activities that will increase your probability of succeeding academically and graduating from Montgomery College and transferring to a four-year university. The ATPA program and staff commit to being a resource for you; in return, we ask that you make the following commitment.

One-on-one Academic Coaching Services

Any student enrolled at Montgomery College can apply for one-on-one academic coaching. Students benefit from a highly structured program that provides individualized academic support for all their courses, and other areas of need. Students are paired with an ATPA Coach at program entry and will receive coaching until graduation and/or transfer. Through coaching, targeted academic support, and engagement in Learning Communities, students master the necessary academic skills to excel in the classroom and stay on track to graduate and/or transfer in a timely manner. Students develop and adhere to a personalized ATPA Academic Success Plan each semester, and participate in scholarly activities designed to increase a student’s probability of excelling academically, graduating from Montgomery College, and transferring to a four-year university.

Embedded Classroom Support

In the Fall 2017 semester, part-time faculty members served as ATPA embedded support coaches in over 60 sections of courses collegewide. These embedded coaches, who all have experience teaching the classes they embedded in, visited classes regularly and supported students outside of class during weekly study sessions. Not only did the coaches provide some tutoring on content knowledge and skills, but they also taught students time management skills, critical thinking skills, organizational skills, and other academic skills, as well as referred students to critical resources on campus to support their success.

The disciplines that are involved in the program are: ACCT 221, ACCT 222, BIOL 150, CCJS 110, CHEM 099, CHEM 131, ENGL 102, MATH 096, MATH 150, MATH 165, MATH 181, MATH 182, PHYS 161, and PSYC 102. 

Any student enrolled at Montgomery College can register for a course with an ATPA embedded support coach. During the course, you will have access to a coach in your classroom and weekly communication from your coach with content support, course reminders, and college resources. Courses that offer ATPA embedded support are identified in the course schedule. View a list of courses (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) with embedded support and instructions on how to identify these courses in the course schedule.

Coach and Student Testimonials

“I am so glad I participate in the ATPA. … I am sure our weekly meetings will guide me towards achieving my goals and will also help me to stay motivated while I progress through college.” -- ATPA Student

“My several years of teaching experience is helping me to be a better coach and my coaching experience helps me to become a better teacher. My care for the students I teach Biology, has increased due to the coaching experience. ... ATPA is a life changing experience for the students and me."  -- ATPA Coach

“[My coach] is very on top of things and is always prepared. She listens when I talk and makes sure I stay on track with my assignments.” -- ATPA Student

“She was very knowledgeable, informative, professional, and easy to talk to. She was always willing to take the time to re-explain the material.” -- ATPA Student

“Watching students increase their knowledge and confidence in courses and their interactions with faculty has been a rewarding experience. The … program is invaluable and gives some of our most disadvantaged students an opportunity to thrive at MC. I've seen students improve their academic performance and refocus their efforts on graduating and transferring to a four-year institution.” -- ATPA Coach

“We got everything done. We organized all my assignments due for the next two weeks. We discussed issues on a personal and academic level. Professor Smith understands me plus she went out of her way to get information on an on-campus group.”

“Ms. Young was great throughout the whole semester!  Huge help!” -- ATPA Student

If you're registered for courses at Montgomery College, you can take advantage of any of the following services through ATPA. 

Benefits of ATPA Services

  • Monitoring of academic progress through collaboration with faculty and coach
  • Assignment and exam preparation
  • Weekly study sessions
  • Tutoring
  • Financial aid and registration support
  • Referrals to College and community resources (e.g. Learning Centers, Disability Support Services, Advisors, Counselors, and others)
  • A Learning Community of peers with similar academic and professional interests
  • Development of academic and life skills (e.g. time management, organization, study skills, test-taking skills, self-advocacy, networking, and others)

Unique Features

One-on-one Academic Coaching

  • Coaching until graduation and/or transfer
  • Assessment to identify your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Academic support in all courses
  • Personalized academic success plan each semester
  • One-on-one weekly coaching sessions (or as mutually agreed upon with your coach)
  • Two workshops per semester
  • Laptop loaner program
  • Tuition Assistance (dependent on availability of funds, and if you meet qualifications)

Embedded Classroom Support

  • Coaching for a specific course that offers ATPA embedded support
  • Coach presence in your classroom
  • Receive weekly communication on content support, college resources, and course reminders

Faculty Fact Sheet

The Achieving the Promise Academy (ATPA) is an academic program created by Montgomery College to support students while they complete their degree. Students can enroll in courses with ATPA embedded support and may also apply for holistic, individualized coaching for all their courses, and other areas of need, through one-on-one academic coaching. All coaches are faculty members. Embedded support coaches often have taught the course in which they are embedded. Coaches partner with students, their professors, and other College resources to help students achieve their academic goals. View the Achieving the Promise Academy Faculty Fact Sheet 2017 . (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)

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What People are Saying
No athlete or musician is embarrassed or reluctant to have a coach; on the contrary, they consider it mandatory. The same should be true of academics. No student should be hesitant to accept from an expert ATPA Academic Coach the encouragement and coaching to propel them toward academic success. It can give you the winning edge. 
Richard Scott, ATPA Program Coordinator
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