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Embedded Coaching

How to Register for Courses with Embedded Academic Coaching

How to Register for Classes with an Embedded Academic Coach ?

The Achieving the Promise Academy (ATPA) provides academic support for student success through embedded classroom support in many of MC's historically most-challenging courses. Students taking courses offering ATPA embedded support will receive targeted academic coaching in relevant coursework for the semester.

Courses offering ATPA embedded support typically* include:

  • Biology 150
  • Business Statistics 210
  • Chemistry 131
  • Computer Science 140, 203
  • Criminal Justice 110
  • Engineering 100, 102
  • English 102
  • Math 165
  • Nursing 125, 126
  • Physics 161
  • Psychology 100
What does Academic Coaching in an English 102 course look like?

Specific sections with coaches are identified in the course schedule.

Follow the instructions below to search for these courses and register in the Schedule of Classes:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over the tab called “Apply & Register”
  3. Click on “Search the Class Schedule”
  4. Click on the “Advanced Search” link (beneath the yellow “Show Classes” button)
  5. Select the appropriate term/semester
  6. Select a subject
  7. Under “Attribute Type,” select “ATPA Support”
  8. Click “Class Search”

If you have questions, please email or use the Drop In Coaching Hotline to get support from an Academic Coach right away.

* This list may change from semester to semester. Please check the schedule for supported sections or contact departments.