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Equitable and Inclusive Coaching team

All EYES (Equity Yields Excellence for Students) on the Promise
Equitable Inclusive Coaching Team

MC’s academic coaches embrace the rich cultural diversity of our student population by providing personalized and holistic academic support. Coaches on ATPA’s Equitable and Inclusive Coaching team intentionally focus on how to help ATPA better reach and support specific populations, recognizing their unique experiences, needs, and contributions. The team prioritizes equity by incorporating diverse perspectives for the benefit of ATPA and our Montgomery College community.

WE SEE YOU and are committed to achieving the PROMISE.

We have subteams that are focusing on how we can better serve and meet the needs of diverse student populations: African American, Asian, ELAP, Ethiopian/Eritrean, Francophone, Latinx, Non-Traditional Students (Parents/Older Students), and students with disabilities.  

We have also included relevant scholarship resources below.

Here you will find student testimonials, data on ATPA, and links to resources (MC and community resources) that are appropriate for each population.


Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Students

Team members:

  • Smitha Darisipudi
  • Susan Booth 

I. At Montgomery College

The AANAPISI Planning Group

Montgomery College is an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander - Serving Institution. In order to receive this designation, at least 10 percent of a college’s enrolled undergraduate students must identify as Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander. Montgomery College’s AANAPISI Planning Group’s mission “is to bring awareness of our Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander employees and students at Montgomery College. We provide resources to help our AANAPISI employees and students thrive, be successful, and reach their professional and personal goals at the College and surrounding community.” Find out more information about the AANAPISI Planning Group, celebrations, and events.

Other Resources

II. Student Clubs

III. In the Community

If you would like to add a community resource to this list, please send an email message to

English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP and ESL) Students 

Team Members

ATPA and ELAP support students with English as a Second Language (ESL) needs. Our mission is to bridge language barriers and enhance the educational journey for ESL students. By pooling our resources and expertise, we are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive learning environment. Together, we are empowering students to overcome language challenges and achieve their educational aspirations.


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What People are Saying
ATPA serves as a torch in my college education. Now, it is not only me, but I also have a coach and the whole ATPA community that supports me personally and academically to achieve my goal. It gives me peace of mind to know that I have dependable people at my back who will guide me on my college/career journey. Thank you, ATPA! I’m glad I belong!
Maria Victoria B. Moorehead, MC Student
Ethiopian/Eritrean Students

Academic Coaches

  • Leah Tedla: Bio
  • Dr. Chernet Weldeab: Bio

(በሞንትጎመሪ ኮሌጅ ለኢትዮጵያውያን እና ለኤርትራውያን አሜሪካውያን ተማሪዎች መርጃዎች)

MC Amharic Language Resource Page 

Watch a short video on how ATPA is helping Ethiopian and Eritrean American Students succeed academically. (መግቢያ፡ እባክዎን ጥቂት ደቂቃዎችን ይውሰዱ እና ATPA ኢትዮጵያውያን እና ኤርትራዊያን አሜሪካዊያን ተማሪዎች በአካዳሚክ ውጤታማ እንዲሆኑ እንዴት እየረዳቸው እንደሆነ አጭር ቪዲዮ ይቀላቀሉን።)

I. Student Aid & Internships  (I. የተማሪ እርዳታ እና ልምምድ)

Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities (የገንዘብ ድጋፍ እና ስኮላርሺፕ እድሎች)

  1. Montgomery College Office of Financial Aid( የሞንትጎመሪ ኮሌጅ የገንዘብ ድጋፍ ቢሮ)
  2. Foundations (መሠረቶች)
  3. Scholarships

Internships: ልምምዶች

II. Health and Wellness: ጤና እና ደህንነት;

III. Student Clubs and Organizations: የተማሪ ክለቦች እና ድርጅቶች፡-

  • Student Club Handbook (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) (የተማሪ ክለብ መመሪያ መጽሐፍ)
  • Montgomery College Ethiopian Students Organization  የሞንትጎመሪ ኮሌጅ የኢትዮጵያ ተማሪዎች ድርጅት
  • MC PRIDE+ Club
  • Montgomery College Office of Equity and Inclusion: Contact: Jeanette Rojas
  • MC Student Senate

IV. In the Community  በማህበረሰብ ውስጥ

Health and Basic Needs: ጤና እና መሰረታዊ ፍላጎቶች፡-

Video Testimonials

ATPA Students

  • Fikir Mantegaftot
  • Meba Tadesse
  • Fenet
Francophone Students

Team Members:

  • Dr. Khady Diene
  • Marie Arthus

MC Resources (Les resources a MC)

In the Community: Health and Basic Needs (La santé et les premiers besoins)

Community Resources

Resources for Congolese Students

Francophone students and support coaches
Latinx Students

Team Members

  • Dr. Rosa M. Garcia
  • Dr. Juan A. Esparza-Trujillo
  • Dr. Ofelia Olivero
Student Aid & Internships

Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities


Health and Wellness

Student Clubs and Organizations

In the Community

Health and Basic Needs


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What People are Saying

I immigrated in 2014 from El Salvador to work and study in the United States. I am the oldest of seven siblings, and I would like to be an example for my siblings to seek higher education, too. I am a part-time HVAC student, and I am working full time as a truck driver. I am constantly doing my best to balance my college classes and my work schedule. I enjoy being part of the Achieving the Promise Academy Program (ATPA), an especially valuable resource that helps students to achieve their educational goals. I plan to start my own business in the HVAC industry in the future to serve the Washington Metropolitan Area and fulfill the need for HVAC technicians.

ATPA Student Ricardo
Student Parents

Team members:

  • Susan Booth
  • Constance Roberts
  • Smitha Darisipudi


Prioritizing more than just good grades? The Achieving the Promise Academy can help you manage everything that matters most. We've got your back.

Montgomery College's whole college surveys indicate that student parents represent about 15% of our student population. With 42,900 students, that would be about 6,400 students.” (From MC Student Parent Update Presentation, John Hamman, Chief Analytics & Insights Officer April 12, 2021)

ATPA offers student parents free one-to-one personal academic coaching, embedded course coaching, and academic skills Learning Community Hour (LCH) workshops.

From your first college course to graduation or transfer to a 4-year institution, we will support your academic and career success!


Coming Soon

Resources for Students


Students with Disabilities

Team members:

  • Smitha Darisipudi
  • Constance Roberts
  • Susan Booth

ATPA Coaching and Disability Support Services

ATPA personal academic coaches and embedded academic coaches work in partnership with students and the Disability Support Services Team to help students build on their strengths, navigate challenges, and connect with resources that support their academic success.



Team members:

  • Susan Booth
  • Constance Roberts
  • Smitha Darisipudi 

MC's Combat2College Program helps student veterans access academic and social resources. Veterans' lounges on each campus provide them a place to go between classes.


Coming Soon!

Contact Information: General Inquiries:

Other Resources

  • FutureLinknew window: FutureLink seeks to close the opportunity divide for first-generation-to-college, high-potential young adults (ages 18-25) in Montgomery County by providing them with the resources, knowledge, skills, and personalized support needed to achieve their education and career goals. 

  • Maryland State Delegate Scholarshipsnew window: NOTE: You must reside in the delegate's district.
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What People are Saying
We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.
Dr. Maya Angelo
Student Success Snapshots
of students working with personal academic coaches since 2016 have a cumulative 2.0 GPA or above
Students working with a personal academic coach in 2023, ATPA's largest group yet
Course pass rate for students working with a personal academic coach
Students' overall satisfaction with embedded academic coaching