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Personal Academic Coaching

Coaching for College Success

When you hear the word "coaching," you might think of sports, music, or acting coaches. But coaches are also experts known for working in many fields, like business, where they use proven techniques to help people achieve their full potential.  Here at Montgomery College, Academic Coaching is open to any student taking credit or non-credit classes at MC and can be helpful for students in any major.

Request a Personal Academic Coach

What can you do with a personal Academic Coach?

Your personal Academic Coach will help you think about your academic goals and help you make plans to achieve them. If you request a one-on-one coach, you'll create a schedule to meet by phone, online, or in-person, whatever works best for you. During your regular coaching sessions, your ATPA Coach can help you work on:

  • Creating a personalized academic success plan​
  • Balancing school, work, home, and other commitments​
  • Setting goals and developing better habits to achieve them​
  • Making the most of MC by getting more connected to other students, your professors, and departments

What don't Academic Coaches do?

Academic coaching is one of several, free academic supports available to you at MC. While your personal Academic Coach is not a counselor, academic advisor, or tutor, your personal ATPA Coach can help you make the most of those kinds of resources at MC, like tutoring through Learning Centers or academic planning with an advisor.

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What People are Saying
I am deeply indebted to the Achieving the Promise Academy for providing me with financial, academic, and emotional support all through my time at MC. Words fail me to describe the impact that ATPA has had on me. Through ATPA, dreams that were seemingly impossible to reach and insurmountable have become realities.
ATPA Student Oyinkansola Iginla