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Tuition Assistance

Apply for ATPA Tuition Assistance and/or a Book Voucher

Students enrolled in ATPA can request tuition assistance 1) if they have completed one semester in ATPA in the most recent fall or spring term, 2) if they have satisfied all program requirements including, meeting with their coach as agreed upon, attending at least 2 workshops per semester (fall and spring), completing one Building Blocks Workshop since becoming an ATPA student, and 3) if they have received grades of C, B or A in each of their classes in the previous semester. Grades of D, F, W, or U, disqualify a student from consideration for tuition assistance. If a course was dropped or a grade of W was received, they must have been granted a refund on appeal. If a WC or IC was received, this does not affect eligibility. Tuition assistance awards are based on financial need and availability of funds. To remain eligible for future tuition assistance from ATPA students must maintain the above mentioned requirements during the semester in which they receive a tuition assistance award from the ATPA. Students must be registered for their course(s) prior to submitting their tuition assistance request unless they are majoring in nursing or other program that does not allow students to register until their grades are posted. In this case, students should fill in the courses they intend to take. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.

Note: Students already holding degrees (BA, BS, BAS, MA, MS, or terminal degrees) who are taking pre-req classes at MC are not eligible for ATPA financial assistance.

Tuition Assistance Application periods:
Winter 2021 & Spring 2022:  Nov 1-15, 2021 **NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS**new window
Summer I & II 2022: April 18-25, 2022