Optional Practical Training (OPT)


Optional Practical Training: practical experience in the academic field, paid or unpaid, that is not part of the degree program. Experience may take place anywhere inside of the United States.

Please do not submit this application online to USCIS. You need to meet with your Coordinator in order to apply for OPT.

Note: The form and fee are under review, and it may change anytime. Be sure you use our form for I-765.

During COVID-19, please email the office for a Zoom Appointment. DO NOT email your documents.


  • F-1 status and have completed two full time semesters of non-ESL courses
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 minimum

Available Time Period 

  • Full time during summer vacation and holidays when school is not in session.
  • Part time during school sessions, training cannot exceed twenty hours per week.
  • Full time after graduation*.  Most students use it at this time.  *Apply 90 days before to 6 weeks AFTER graduation.
  • Up to 12 calendar months of OPT is permitted at each educational level (Associate, Bachelor, Master, etc.)
  • Associate level OPT cannot be "extended".  

Application Procedure to apply for an EAD (Employment Authorization Document)

  1. Download and complete USCIS form I-765 (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) . Leave blank anything that you don’t understand. You may find additional information in the I-765 instructions (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  and Additional Instructions on SSNnew window, SSN=Social Security (income tax) Number.

    * SSA offices may not be open during COVID19, please check the main SSA site or with our office if you do not receive your SSN and card

  2. Create a letter for USCIS to officially request OPT and state the exact dates you hope to work.  Make the letter concise, professional, and pleasant.  If you are not sure what career fields you may use your degree in, please consult an academic or career counselor. 
    • Letter Example: Dear Officer, I hope to work and get practical experience in (your major), because...(add your ideas)
      I wish to work (part or full) time from (exact start date) to (exact end date). Thank you for your assistance!
      * If you are graduating - start date must be 60 calendar days or less after graduation
  3. Make copies of your passport information and expiration pages, picture, and visa pages and get your most recent I-94new window information. "Either printed from your last entry in F status, or the one attached to your change of status approval notice".
  4. Make copies of front and signature pages of EACH I-20 form issued to you by any school in the United States. 
    • If you are graduating - copy of Graduation Verification Form.
      *Graduating students will need to send a copy of the Graduation Verification form with the Application to USCIS. Include a copy of the Graduation Audit you received from the Graduation Coordinator once you applied for graduation through MyMC. You should apply for graduationnew window 3-6 months before graduation and at least one month before applying for OPT.
  5. Bring $410 check or money order made payable to; “Department of Homeland Security”
  6. Bring 2 ‘green card-style photos (write your I-20 number on backs) - see photo composition guidelinesnew window.
  7. Make an appointment to obtain a NEW I-20 from the International Coordinator noted with your OPT request. Have items 1-6 ready to show or upload if needed.

Mail all the application materials (1-7 above) WITHIN 7 (seven) DAYS.             

**Anytime, but especially during the Covid pandemic, students can use UEMS by eShipGlobalnew window to arrange express mail and secure pick up of their application packet to be sent to the USCIS "Dallas Lockbox" for processing OPT.

To send documents through express mail or get a signature showing that the mail was received (by a person), mail to:

2501 S. State Hwy. 121 Business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX 75067

Or, if using regular mail, and receipt signature is not desired mail to:

PO Box 660867
Dallas, TX 75266

Processing Time

  • USCIS takes up to 2-4 months to process your request.
  • USCIS will send you a Receipt Letter in two to three weeks. You can also ask for email or text notification by including a form G-1145 (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .
  • If practical training is approved, you will receive a Notice of Action Letter and an EAD card soon after the letter. 
  • If you receive a "Request for Evidence" letter, bring it to the Office of International Student Coordinators. 

You are responsible for filing all immigration documents.  You should keep a copy of all application materials and should mail the documents at the U.S. Post Office “Return Receipt Requested” OR send a FORM G-1145 with your application to get a text or email message of its receipt.

Please stack items in this order.  Leave #1 (the G-1145) separate to set on top of the Packet of all the other documents you clip together.  

  1. G-1145 
  2. Photos (with SEVIS ID number on back)
  3. Check or money order (with SEVIS ID number written in the "For" or "Memo" area)
  4. I-765 
  5. Letter from student
  6. I-20 with OPT Request from International Coordinator 
  7. Graduation verification form, if graduating this semester
  8. Prior I-20 copies, stacked in reverse chronologic order - newest on top and going backward (no need to include the instruction pages) 
  9. Copy of current, valid Passport information page 
  10. A copy of the entry Visa page (If the entry is in an already expired passport, a copy of that passport) 
  11. I-94 "either printed from your last entry in F status, or the one attached to your change of status approval notice".

Important Points to Remember

  • You do not need a job to apply for Optional Practical Training; however you must e-mail the Office of International Student Coordinators the name and address of your company when you get your job.  Soon USCIS will email you to create a login to update your work and address information yourself too.
  • Once you receive your actual EAD card you may work, send a copy to the Office of International Student Coordinators.
  • You can apply for Social Security Card with your EAD; you do not need a new Social Security Card if you already have one.
  • You must "work", and you can only have a total 90 days of none work.
  • You "work" may be an unpaid internship or volunteer position.  You should keep proof of a position that was designed to be unpaid.
  • Remember, you may need to pay income taxes, but there are some taxes F1s do not pay – see the Tax Code.
  • Follow normal F1 procedures for transfer to another institution
  • To travel outside of the US while on OPT you will need:
    • Your I-20 signed by an International Coordinator at Montgomery College
    • Your EAD card
    • A letter from your employer saying that you will be returning to continue your work, OR a job offer letter if you have not started yet
  • It may be difficult to re-new your F-1 visa after you graduate, even with your EAD card
  • Your passport needs to be valid for the entire time of your OPT at the time you apply
  • Keep your address and telephone number current with the Office of International Student Coordinators, not matter what state you are in. Soon USCIS will email you to create a login to update your work and address information yourself too.
  • Graduates may take part time classes but NOT start their “next level of education” (bachelor's or master's) program until OPT is completed
  • Make sure to keep your health insurance active. Talk to the insurance company about OPT insurance or with the company that will hire you about OPT insurance plans.
  • Students who use only part of their 12 months are able to use the other parts either BEFORE graduation OR if they complete another Associate-Level degree.  A new 12 months is available at the Bachelor level and each level of education above that. STEM majors, ABOVE the Associate level only, can get an extension of their Post-Completion OPT (called the "STEM Extension").

To download a PDF version of OPTIONAL PRACTICAL TRAINING (OPT) (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  instruction. Additional Information for OPT applicants (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .