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Permanent Residents

Permanent Residents do not need to be processed through the International Coordinators offices but we are happy to help.

Permanent Resident applicants are treated like US citizens in the admissions process

Applicants can speak with an academic counselor, or departmental advisors in their major department office, once they apply. However, we advise that we have at least their English level information in our system for the advice to be most helpful.

Specific issues for Permanent Residents may be:

  1. Students who completed less than 10 years of education in the United States should take the ESL Accuplacer placement exam for English. (They may also submit SAT or ACT or AP English scores as US high school students do.)
  2. Students who completed secondary school outside of the United States need to have their high school credentials evaluated to be admitted as full time, degree seeking students and to qualify for financial aid. 
  3. To apply for In-State or In-County tuition, Permanent Residents must show their ‘green card’ (or applicants must show their most recent Receipt or Action Notice from USCIS), along with proof of where they have lived for at least 3 months (driver’s license, lease, property tax bill, or other official mail).