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CMP 868 - Creating a Personal or Small Business Web Site

Registration Option: Open Enrollment

Total Course Hours: 15

Materials:  You must purchase Textbook(s)/ materials and bring them to the first class

If you do not see a class listed in our catalog, it is not available for registration at this time.


Are you interested in creating a personal or business website on your own without having to spend a lot of money for software or professional help? Creating a personal or business website using online tools like Wix, Webbly or Wordpress are now much easier. Learn how to design a usable website across all devices - desktop, tablets, smartphones, and watches. In this introductory course you will learn how to create a fully responsive website using various online web editors without doing any coding. Topics include every phase of web design—planning, design, and implementation. You will also learn about choosing an online web design sites that works for you, getting a web address, and integrating your new web presence into your overall marketing plan.



Working with Windows or file management skills or equivalent experience.


  1. Apply learned web design strategies to design a web site
  2. Use free software and HTML to develop the web site
  3. Research Internet Service Providers to select a website host
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of uploading web pages.
  5. Integrate new web presence to your market plan.