Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship

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The Maryland Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship

The Maryland Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to students enrolling in an approved non-credited certificate program leading to apprenticeships, employment, licensure, or job skill enhancement only at a participating Maryland Community College.

The application form, and all information regarding the Fall 2019 Course Sequence Scholarship is currently under review. As information becomes available it will be posted on this site. 


Sequence Scholarship Approved Sequence Courses

The following Montgomery College Workforce Development & Continuing Education sequence courses are approved for the scholarship:

  • Child Development Associate
  • Child Development Associate – (Spanish)
  • Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician
  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Commercial Driver’s License



Important Information You Should Know

  • Available for specific workforce programs. Current list is included above. List is subject to change at any time.
  • Available to MD Residents, graduates of MD high schools, and active duty military residing in MD.
  • Funds shall be used for tuition, fees, and associated costs of attendance that have not been met through another grant or scholarship.
  • Students may receive up to $2,000 per workforce sequence.
  • Students may only complete one workforce sequence at a time.
  • Students may not be awarded for more than 2 sequences per award year statewide.
  • Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Students must pledge to remain drug free for the full term of the award.
  • Students must provide copy of their Social Security card.
  • Applying for the scholarship does not guarantee an award.
  • Students should not expect refunds of unused grant amounts.
  • Scholarship funds not used within three months of being awarded may be cancelled and you will have to reapply.
  • All scholarships are managed and awarded in accordance to the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s prescribed guidelines and Montgomery College policy. 

The application period for school year 2018 to 2019 is now closed. 

When we have further information about 2019-2010 school year scholarships we will post information when it is available. 


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