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Chemical and Biological Sciences

Germantown Campus


Be Prepared to Work in the Biotech Industry

Earn a certificate or degree which will prepare you for both academic achievement and successful employment in the biotechnology industry.

Entry-level workers are involved in laboratory work such as cell culture and upstream processing, antibody production and isolation, DNA isolation, PCR, RT-PCR, and qPCR, working in a regulatory environment following GXP (GLP and cGMP) requirements, toxicology or vaccine sterility testing, and testing and developing diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

The biology curriculum at MC offers a wide variety of courses for biology and health science degree majors as well as general education courses for non-science majors. Most courses have a laboratory component where students learn the scientific process through hands-on exercises in our well-equipped labs. Our courses for majors include Principles of Biology I and II, Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Nutrition, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, and Genetics. Non-science majors courses include General Biology, The Human Body, and Environmental Biology.

These course offerings provide our students with broad exposure to classical as well as cutting edge concepts and applications in biology. All courses are designed with measurable outcomes to promote student success in future academic and professional endeavors. For scheduling convenience, our courses are offered in combinations of day, evening and, in some cases, weekend formats. Please feel free to stop by and meet our dedicated faculty and staff and to discuss your career goals. We are committed to your success.

The Department of Chemistry at the Germantown Campus offers a number of different chemistry courses to meet your various requirements. Introductory Chemistry, Chemistry 099, is a noncredit (for the purpose of tuition, students pay for 3 credits), non-lab course intended to prepare students for other chemistry courses, like Chemistry 131. There is no chemistry prerequisite, and, in fact, many people who take this course have had absolutely no chemistry of any kind, ever. If you’re in that situation, then this is the course for you. Principles of Chemistry I, CHEM 131 (formerly CH 101), requires either a satisfactory score on the Chemistry Placement Test or satisfactory completion of CHEM 099, and prepares the student for subsequent courses like CHEM 132 (formerly CH 102). For those students in science or pre-professional programs, we also offer two semesters of Organic Chemistry, CHEM 203 and CHEM 204.

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Noncredit Courses and Training

Find out about WDCE's noncredit Clinical Trial Project Management (CTPM). MC offers a wide variety of noncredit classes designed to help you upgrade your skills, pursue career training, or learn something new.