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Applied Geography


World map with connections

This career-oriented program caters to students who possess an interest in maps and geospatial information. Geography students at MC gain real-world experience through hands-on work in the classroom and in the field, and students have exclusive access to the Cartography and Geographic Information System Lab on the Rockville Campus—one of the largest and most advanced cartography and geography labs in the metropolitan area. 

Geography students can pursue an associate of applied science degree or one of two certificate programs to prepare for or enhance careers related to geography, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), and geographic education, including:

  • map making
  • charting
  • geographic information systems
  • remote sensing
  • interpretation and analysis
  • statistical and spatial analysis
  • research and analysis
  • field work
  • resource management and conservation
  • land and water resource planning
  • space exploration
  • market site research
  • teaching
  • computer graphics and multi-media graphics
  • city planning and urban land use
  • consulting

Geography Degree and Certificates

Learn more about program outcomes, required courses, transfer opportunities, and career possibilities.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

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