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Communication Studies


The Montgomery College Communication Studies Program provides a solid education in the most basic human communication social processes: the creation and dissemination of meaning and information. Our program provides students the opportunity to participate in research and internships that build upon their classroom experiences.

Our curriculum allows students the flexibility to pursue an associate's degree in communication studies and, at the same time, to fulfill the lower-level general education requirements for transfer to a baccalaureate degree program at many institutions.

Internship Opportunity
Prepare for your future with a Communications internship experience. A Communications internship allows students the opportunity to strengthen important skills in: public relations, editing, fundraising, speaking, writing, group dynamics, marketing, and listening. Please contact Professor Tracie Babb for more information at

Communication Studies Degree

Learn more about program outcomes, required courses, transfer opportunities, and career information.

Associate of Arts

Communication Studies Z-Degree

Communication Studies offers a z-degree, which is a commitment by MC to offer sections of courses needed to complete your degree without required textbook purchases. Students have found z-courses useful because the materials can be accessed conveniently, they are available immediately, and they fit seamlessly into the course. To identify specific sections that qualify as z-courses, search the Class Schedule using the attribute type “Z Courses.”

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