ADN to BSN Pathway

Interested in pursuing a career in nursing? Unsure of which path to take to be part of this rapidly-growing field? Our nursing program strives to promote educational progression by developing a variety of pathways, because the needs of our graduates vary. 

The ADN to BSN Pathway office provides resources for students in their academic journey as they work towards earning a bachelor of science in nursing (or advanced degree).  Montgomery College has numerous nursing transfer and articulation agreements to help students reach their goal of earning their BSN, including the MC and UMSON Dual Admission Program (University of Maryland School of Nursing).

Articulation Agreements

In Maryland, as well as many other states, associate degree nursing graduates articulate to universities for a bachelor's and/or master's degree. Articulation is different from transferring. While transferring between schools involves the transfer of individual courses, articulation means that a block of credits are awarded based on having an RN license. 

According to the Maryland Board of Nursing, the RN to BSN articulation model states that "No more than half of the baccalaureate degree, with a maximum of 70 non-nursing credits, will be accepted from a community college. Nursing credits will not be transferred. However, Registered Nurses with an active unencumbered Maryland or compact RN license articulating to the baccalaureate level are awarded a minimum of thirty (30) upper division nursing credits in the program they are entering." 

This agreement means that associate degree nursing graduates can often complete a bachelor's degree by completing an additional 30 upper division nursing courses. (This depends on each university's requirements and completion of the additional general education courses needed for a baccalaureate degree.) Additionally, several of the articulation agreements that Montgomery College has include benefits, such as guaranteed admission, reduced tuition and/or scholarships. George Washington University, for example, waives application fees and offers ten scholarships of up to $5,000 per year and Trinity Washington University accepts up to 82 credits from the college and program. See all nursing transfer and articulation agreements

MC to University of Maryland School of Nursing Dual Admission Program 

Montgomery College (MC) and the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) have entered into a Dual Admission Program agreement that offers simultaneous admission to MC’s associate degree in nursing (ADN) and UMSON’s bachelor of science nursing degree (BSN). This is a three plus one year(s) (3+1) agreement.

As an MC nursing student in the Dual Admission Program, you can begin taking UMSON courses to fulfill the requirements for the BSN during your third and fourth semesters. Once you complete the ADN and obtain an RN license, you complete the final year of study at UMSON.

Eligibility, Application, and Prerequisites

To apply for the Dual Admission Program, you must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum science GPA of 2.75. The science GPA is based on the following courses: Microbiology (BIOL 210), Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 212), Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIOL 213), and Chemistry (CHEM 131).

Application Process

You must submit a separate application to UMSON with the following: online application, official transcripts from every college or university attended, essay (part of online application), résumé, and the UMSON prerequisite course list. Apply no later than the beginning of your fourth semester in the MC nursing program. Get complete details about the application instructions (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .


Students applying for the Dual Admission Program cannot have more than six outstanding prerequisite courses in their fall or spring semester prior to enrollment at UMSON. See the prerequisite course list (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  .


The Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) Scholarship provides scholarship support of $1,500 each academic year for students accepted into MC’s nursing program who intend to earn their bachelor’s degree in nursing through the ADN to BSN dual admission program at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). Bilingual students are particularly encouraged to apply, but this opportunity is open to any nursing student who meets the criteria.

Additional benefits for recipients will include healthcare interpreting certification or cultural communications training, as well as participation in an annual hands-on interprofessional collaboration activity with students in other healthcare fields.

The HIF Scholarships are structured to provide ongoing support to recipients during your studies at Montgomery College and at the Universities at Shady Grove through completion of your bachelor’s degree, as long as you continue to meet the criteria.

  • Need based
  • Montgomery County resident
  • Student already accepted or enrolled in MC’s nursing program with the intent to enroll in the ADN-to-BSN dual admission program with the University of Maryland School of Nursing at the Universities at Shady Grove
  • Meets the eligibility requirements for the Dual Admission nursing program, including an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and a science GPA of at least 2.75
  • Must commit to an internship/clinical rotation at a nonprofit (or hospital); and maintain academic standing in their degree program
  • Go to the Montgomery College Foundation Scholarship Application website
  • Click on “Sign in With Your Institution”
  • Use your Montgomery College MyMC credentials to login to the site. 
  • Read and follow all instructions provided on the home page.
  • We strongly encourage you to fill out the FAFSA in order to maximize your financial aid opportunities at Montgomery College. In addition, this scholarship opportunity is based on financial need and by you completing the FAFSA it will assist us with the selection process.
  • If this is your first time logging in, you will need to complete the General Application, located by clicking on the ‘Application’ link in the top menu bar. To be considered for the scholarship, please ensure your application is complete. Make sure to answer both essay questions and sign and submit your online scholarship application.
  • To search for information regarding the Healthcare Initiative Foundation ADN-to-BSN Nursing Scholarship, click on "Opportunities."
  • Click the “Apply” button next to the Healthcare Initiative Foundation ADN-to-BSN Nursing Scholarship, answer the questions, and then click “Submit.” Follow these same steps for any other scholarship opportunities of interest.
  • You will be notified of your application status by email. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive an award letter in the mail. Please be sure to complete all requirements on the award letter.

For questions regarding the scholarship application process, please contact the Scholarship Office: by email at: or by telephone at 240-567-4021.


Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, any MC Nursing student who meets the eligibility requirements for the Dual Admission program can submit an application for consideration.
Licensed nurses and dual admission applicants for UMSON’s RN-to-BSN who have completed the science coursework are not required to complete the science prerequisites (Chemistry, Human Anatomy, and Physiology I, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, and Microbiology).

No. Advanced Placement courses cannot be used to satisfy requirements. However, certain scores on the AP exam can be used to fulfill certain UMSON prerequisite requirements.

No. Only the following materials are needed: online application, official transcripts from every college or university attended, essay (part of online application), resume, and UMSON’s prerequisite course list.
MC students interested in the Dual Admission Program will complete the RN-to-BSN application (NURS-RN-BSN from the application dropdown menu). In the Application Checklist in the Additional Information section, click YES that you are applying as a partnership applicant and specify that you are from Montgomery College. Note: The term for which you apply should reflect the semester you plan to be enrolled solely at UMSON after having completed all of the requirements for the ADN and the prerequisites for the RN-to-BSN.
Please contact UMSON for further information.
UMSON’s NURS 467 Public Health Essentials for the Registered Nurse requires 90 hours of practice/clinical time in addition to coursework, which is required for all students.

The courses for the Montgomery College nursing program are completed at the College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. Coursework for the UMSON program can be completed online or in person at the following locations:

University of Maryland School of Nursing: 655 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore

The Universities at Shady Grove: 9630 Gudelsky Drive, Rockville

Laurel College Center: 312 Marshall Avenue, Ste. 205, Laurel

ADN to BSN Pathway Office Staff