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MATH 181: Resources Selected by Instructors

Topic 1: Calculating Limits
INCLUDING: Finite Limits, Infinite Limits, Limits at Infinity, & Limits and Asymptotes

  • Quiz - Limit Theorems
    Quiz created by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Mathematics Department.
  • Drill - Horizontal Asymptotes
    Ten practice problems.
  • Drill - Vertical Asymptotes
    Ten more practice problems from the same site as above.

Topic 2: Graphs of f, f', f''
INCLUDING: Identifying which is which given graphs of all three, Sketching f' from a graph of f, & Sketching f from a graph of f'


Topic 3: Differentiation
INCLUDING: Chain Rule, Implicit Differentiation, Logarithmic Differentiation, & Parametric Curves

  • Drill - Chain Rule
  • Quiz on Differentiating Functions
    60 practice problems.
  • Implicit Differentiation
    10 practice problems.
  • Implicit Differentiation, part 2
    10 more practice problems, this time for finding dy/dx.
  • Drill - Tangent Lines and Parametric Curves
    10 practice problems.
  • Logarithmic Differentiation
    10 practice problems.
  • Differentiation using the chain rulenew window
    Scroll down for the more challenging examples.

Topic 4: Related Rates and Optimization


Algebra & Trigonometry Review, and Math Study Skills

Using Semilog & Log-Log Plots to determine if a linear, power or exponential function is the most appropriate model & Optimization Problems

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Other Math Department Resources

  • MC Mathematics Department
    Find links to many resources, including our eighteen different math and statistics courses offered at our three campuses and our math degrees.
  • Algebra Makernew window
    Practice problems with answers, good for classes like Math 045/050 and Math 165.
  • STEM Transfer Resourcesnew window
    This website provides interactive tools, engaging resources, and important services to help prospective and current STEM transfer students plan for a successful transition between two-year and four-year institutions.
  • WolframAlphanew window
    Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers— not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.
  • MATLAB Centralnew window
    A place where you can get answers, challenge yourself and others, and share your knowledge. Tap into the knowledge and experience of over 100,000 community members and MathWorks employees.
  • Significant Figures from the STEM Transfer Student Success Initiativenew window
    Tests and a video on learning significant figures.